Eligibility for admission into the graduate Master of Architecture Program varies according to your previous academic accomplishments. Please select the most appropriate program below according to your educational background and follow the instructions to apply.

Graduate Master of Architecture Program (M. Arch.)

                 Applicants to the Master of Architecture Program must hold a four or five year undergraduate degree in one of the following: Architecture, Architectural Design, Architectural Science, Environmental Design-Architecture Option or the equivalent.
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Environmental Design Program:
Architecture Master Preparation Option (ED AMP 1 & ED AMP 2)

                                Applicants with either a three or four year undergraduate degree in either a non-design discipline (such as Fine Art, Engineering, Science, Philosophy, Theatre, Psychology, Music, Film, English, History, Art History, Urban Studies, Geography, Commerce, etc.) OR a design-related discipline (such as Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, etc.) can apply to our Environmental Design Program: Architecture Master Preparation Option (ED AMP 1 & ED AMP 2).

This program provides you with the required foundational knowledge to APPLY for direct entry into the Graduate Master of Architecture Program. Depending on your background the required courses for a non-design undergraduate degree would require 66 credit hours or a design-related discipline 33 credit hours to complete the program. Should you require further assistance please contact our Undergraduate Student advisor, Carrie Johnson at
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