About Architecture
The Department of Architecture offers a program of studies directed towards a fully accredited professional Master of Architecture degree.

People, place and passion make our architectural program unique, imaginative and real. Our urban-prairie setting is Canada’s central crucible of creativity and cultural complexity, offering fertile grounds for work that is as artistically ambitious as it is socially and environmentally responsible. Our faculty and students are dedicated to advancing the discipline, and everyone shares a passion for hands-on making and research.

We explore, discover and learn through making. 

The core of our curriculum is the design studio. This is the place where thinking and doing converge in heuristic acts of making and world-making. In studio, students work through a variety of challenging questions, media and scales to explore vital tensions between technical and natural processes, cultural and artistic practices, experiential qualities and worldly phenomena. Design studio enables individuals to experiment widely, while ultimately making responsible design decisions for local situations in a dynamically interconnected world. 

Studios are augmented by a growing array of making and thinking facilities: a FABLab, CADLab, Workshop, Architecture/Fine Arts Library, and Centre for Architectural Structures and Technology (C.A.S.T). Architecture students benefit from interactions with colleagues in our Faculty’s kindred disciplines (Environmental Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and City Planning) and across the University. Students design everything from adaptable furniture to sustainable cities, from enduring buildings to transformative events. In the process we learn how the built environment not only supports and enhances lived experience, but is also meaningfully shaped by personal and collective imagination. 

Architecture students in our program are fueled by their own expanding curiosities and convictions, guided and challenged by professors engaged in diverse research, and invigorated by conversations and collaborations with professionals, industry partners, community members, and international leaders in architecture and design.

Most graduates gain employment in the field, and pursue a path toward professional registration and careers as practicing architects. Other graduates continue with advanced post-professional studies and research, and/or thrive in careers in the arts, public service, the construction industry, and related design fields. The program produces capable graduates eager to contribute to improving the built environment and the public good.

Matthew Trendota, section drawing through grain elevator that was redesigned into a visiting artist residence, workshop and gallery, Clearwater: Shifting Ground studio with Professor Lancelot Coar