Application Process

It is highly recommended that prior to starting the process you confirm that you are eligible to be considered for the program. Preview the Admission requirements on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website and review additional information on the Ph.D. Design and Planning Admissions page.

Preliminary Selection Process
  1. Interested applicants should review the available Faculty of Architecture Ph.D. Advisor profiles.

  2. After review, email the faculty member whose research interest is aligned with your area of interest.
    In your initial email include:
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV) - This should provide a clear outline of your academic and scholarly training and accomplishments.  It should also include sections of education, past work experience, research interests, and publications and presentations. 
    • Statement of Intent - A 500 word statement envisioning your research interest.

  3. If your research interest is aligned with those of the potential advisor and their workload allows, that faculty member will notify the applicant that a formal application is appropriate. Interested applicants must then submit a formal application through the Faculty of Graduate Studies Admissions webpage. The graduate student advisor should be copied on this correspondence.

**The formal Faculty of Graduate Studies Admissions application must be completed by January 10th to be considered for the following academic year.

Formal Application Process Check List

All application materials will be submitted online as part of the formal application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Applicants to the program will provide:

  • University transcript(s) of complete academic records should be uploaded through the U of M GradConnect. All applicants must submit transcripts from all post-secondary Institutions attended. The Official Transcripts are submitted if they are recommended and accepted to the program. If the transcript does not clearly state that the degree has been conferred, an official degree certificate is required to accompany the transcript. If the academic records are produced in a language other than English, both versions must be submitted. To be official, transcripts must be received in envelopes that have been sealed and endorsed by the issuing institution.

  • A Research Proposal and Study Rationale (a 5-10 pages description of the intended study).

  • Three letters of reference (at least one of which must be written by an academic from a recognized institution).

  • Letter providing how the applicant intends to financially support themselves through the program of studies.

  • A dossier of creative, professional, and/or scholarly work.

  • Proof of Identity - University of Manitoba requires a copy of your birth certificate or current passport and proof of a name change if any documentation is in your former name. (Once admitted)

  • English Language Proficiency Test. (completed by the admissions deadline date). Proficiency in English can be demonstrated prior by:
    i) Possessing a high school diploma or university degree from Canada or one of the countries on the English Language Proficiency Test Exemption List or,
    ii) Successfully completing an English Language Proficiency Test (some departments may require a specific test or test scores greater than those indicated)

    • MELAB - Achieve a minimum Final MELAB score of 80
    • TOEFL - Achieve a minimum Paper-based (567); Internet-based -iBT (86; minimum score of 20 in each of reading, writing, listening and speaking categories)
    • CanTEST - Achieve a minimum band of 4.5 in Listening and Reading, and a band of 4.0 in Writing
    • IELTS - Achieve a minimum score of 6.5 on the Academic Module
    • CAEL - Achieve a minimum 60 overall and 60 on each subject
    • AEPUCE - Achieve a minimum 65% overall
    • PTE Academic - minimum 59 overall

If applicable, this score is required as a basis for admission and applicants will NOT be accepted subject to receipt of an acceptable score. Documented proof of either the above must be submitted with the application for admission.

Please note: Scores more than two years old are not acceptable. Students should be aware that even though the above language requirement has been met the Department may require students to do remedial language work.

**Note: This new TOEFL requirement applies to all applications submitted on or after September 1, 2015

All candidates will be interviewed by a minimum of three faculty members, two of whom will be from the Faculty of Architecture.