Mission and Mandate


 To provide a formal funding and communication vehicle between the Faculty of Architecture and constituents served by the Faculty (industry, design professionals, students and community at large) so that the direction taken by the Faculty serves the long term interests of all constituents.


The Partners Program will promote communications between professionals, industry, educators and students to ensure that students within the Faculty of Architecture receive an excellent professional education rich in theoretical and technical skills.

  • Inform and communicate the content of the curriculum
  • Provide relevant, real community based projects
  • Develop cooperative education opportunities
  • Engage in design competitions

The Partners Program will find opportunities where our resources and activities can be effective in the public and private sectors.

  • Strengthen the intellectual capital of the Faculty
  • Through increased private sector support of Partners, leverage public sector funds to augment resources within the School and funding support for students

The Partners Program will match resources in the faculty of Architecture with opportunities and needs in the community. By so doing, the Faculty of Architecture will be making a net contribution to the community and the value of good design and planning will become more evident to the public at large.

  • The Faculty will not compete with the private sector but lay the ground work for private sector involvement and engage them where appropriate

The Partners Program will feature examples of professional, academic, student and research work in the press and other media.

  • To promote the value of design through
  • Publications
  • Community based projects
  • Design competitions
  • Recognition of design excellence
Education - Barkman Design Competition
Eductaion - Barkman Design Competition

Research - C.A.S.T. Research in Residence
Research - C.A.S.T. Research in Residence

Community - MALA Night 2019
Community - MALA Night 2019

Public Relations - NETWORK 2018
Public Relations - NETWORK 2018