The Partners Program was created in June 1993 by the Faculty of Architecture because it believed that formal education of pre-professional students needed to be supported by travel, exposure to contemporary attitudes and solutions, and integration with business and practice. The Program was intended to ensure a strong and vital link with the faculty of Architectural staff and students both outside of the Faculty of Architecture and with the world outside of the University.

Partnership was obtained through membership, involvement with the school and the reciprocal dialogue that would lead to research, job and internship opportunities.

The Partners Program has proven to be a unique and outstanding example of the synergy that can be created between the academic community, industry, business and the professions. The synergy is a special blend of the research acumen on the part of the Faculty of Architecture and its outreach initiatives into the communities of Manitoba on the one hand, and the knowledge, experience and capabilities of industry and practitioners on the other hand.

Today, numerous key business leaders contribute time and resources in furthering the goals and objectives of the Faculty.