Warming Huts

Started in 2009, Warming Huts: An Art + Architecture Competition on Ice has been melding world-class design with Winnipeg’s winter wonderland. The competition has seen entries from across the globe and caught the attention of international architecture publications and awards, as well as admiration from newspapers such as the New York Times.

Warming Hut 2018, Pontagon
  2018 Pontagon Hut
2017 Warming Hut
  2017 Carbuncle
WH2016 Basket image
  2016 Basket Hut
WH2016 Fabrigami
  2016 Fabrigami
  2015 Mirror Cloaking
  2014 Skybox
  2013 WeaveWave
  2012 HotHut
 2011 Cocoon