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The Partners Program is a unique initiative in the Faculty of Architecture that promotes partnerships between academia, professionals, industry and community members.  The Program creates opportunities where our research and development can be effective in both the public and private sectors.  Its intent is to foster strong linkages outside the university for mutual enrichment and support.

Relevant Education
To ensure that our students receive quality knowledge-based education that is relevant and applicable in today’s work place.  We are committed to recruiting the finest students to the Faculty of Architecture by presenting outstanding programs in significant ways.


The Partners Program supports the research culture in the Faculty by assisting in identifying research opportunities and areas of social and economic priorities for collaboration with the public and private sectors.  Members of the Partners Program play an active role in providing advice and introductions to key players in industry and government who in turn provide expertise, financial support and in-kind donations to leverage appropriate granting agency dollars for specific projects.

Community Service
To communicate the value of design through community service and studio projects, public awareness competitions, articles and events.  Our students and staff have liaised with design professionals to work towards innovative solutions to flood control, restoration and sustainability issues related to community development, health care and community neighbourhood development.

Public Relations
The Partners Program establishes links between the university and related industries to develop educational opportunities that are of mutual benefit.  The Faculty’s Network Journal keeps our 5,500 alumni, community and industry partners up-to-date on activities and changes within the faculty.  These connections build relationships that lead to chairs of study, endowments and scholarships.

Design professionals and industry partners are invited to join the Partners Program.
The annual tax-deductible donation rate is $1000.00.

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Partners Program
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