Natalija Subotincic
Professor, Department of Architecture
304A Architecture 2 Building
t 204.474.9815
f 204.474.7532

B.Arch (professional), 1985, Carleton University, Ontario
M.Arch in History/Theory (post-professional), 1989, McGill University, Quebec

Creative Work and Research
Her creative work includes an examination of the relationship between Sigmund Freud's theories and practice, and the physical space he and his patients occupied. Building upon her reconstruction of Freud’s Consulting Room and Study at Berggasse 19 in Vienna through a set of architectural measured drawings, she is now engaged in an investigation of these spaces through drawings and paintings. These new investigations engage a form of exploration that is commensurate with the speculative, associative and deeply subjective modes of investigation inherent in the central subject of this work. Through this work her desire is to make visible the physical and psychical ‘constructions’ operating within Freud’s working environment in an attempt to gain further insight into the relationship between the rooms and collection, and the affect these may have had on both Freud and his patients.

Additionally, she continues to develop, research and write about critical design studio methodologies for foundation design education. She is currently coordinating and teaching the Architecture Masters Preparation (AMP 1) Program.

Her book, Never Speak With Your Mouth Full, is a compilation of her creative work and research published by the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture in 2008. It is available by clicking here.

Natalija Subotincic, Freud and the Scholar in Conversation

Natalija Subotincic, Freud and the Scholar in Conversation,
Acrylic on Canvas, 12” x 24”