Professor Eduard Epp
Associate Professor, Department of Architecture
201 Russell Building
t 204.474.8410
f 204.474.7532

Master of Architecture Degree, 1994, McGill University
Master of Landscape Architecture Degree, 1987, University of Manitoba
Bachelor of Environmental Studies Degree, 1982, University of Manitoba

Professional Associations

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
University of Manitoba Faculty Association

  1. Housing / Habitation: work that addresses contemporary housing design matters with particular focus on urban morphologies / housing typologies.
  2. Urbanism / Architecture: work that addresses the discourse of the ‘idea of the city’ in Western and Eastern traditions and thought ... and contemporary urban design practices in urban, suburban, exurban and rurual contexts, globally
  3. Ecology / Settlement / Habitation: work that addresses emerging sustainable settlement practices at a range of scales and in various contexts: Sustainable Community Design Project
  4. Flood Architecture / Hybrid Space and Form: work that addresses the intersection of human and natural systems, particularly in floodplains, globally. Director: International Center for Flood Architecture

In addition I have a background and abiding interest in: design pedagogy / program development; trans-disciplinary research and collaborative practices; architectural discourses in regionalism, globalization, ecology, post-modern/critical theory and philosophy.

 epp 1

Working against water (Yangtze) and working with water (Ganges)

epp 2

Flood Architecture Studio: Yangtze River Resettlement Project on Shanuba Island, Chongqing (Jiameng Zeng, DoA, Masters 1)