Carlos I. Rueda
Head, Department of Architecture
Ph.D., M.Arch II.,(McGill) B.Arch., (U Andes) Architect (CPNAA, Colombia)
219 Architecture 2 Building
t 204.474.7870

Carlos I. Rueda has a Bachelor of Architecture (5-year Professional Degree) from Universidad de los Andes (Bogota Colombia). In Colombia as well, he pursued studies in History and Theory of Art and Architecture at Universidad Nacional, and holds a Graduate Diploma in Aesthetics and Architecture from Universidad Javeriana. In Canada Carlos Rueda continued his higher education with a Master of Architecture (M.Arch II Post-Professional in housing) followed by a PhD, both from McGill University.

Professional Accreditation
Licensed Architect by the COPNIA (Colombia) since 1992

Dr. Rueda is scholarly interested in disciplinary crossings between architecture, cognitive theory and literature, poetry in particular.  Through these bridges or crossings explore ideas of imagination and creative activity: generative processes of the architectural work and place-making.

Current Research and Publications
Carlos Rueda directs and is co-author of a series of books titled Syndetic Modernisms, published in English and Spanish, in collaboration with Professors Robert Mellin and Ricardo L. Castro (McGill) and Eduardo Aquino (Manitoba). Dr. Rueda authored a book on the critical history of modernism in Bogota titled Sendas de la Modernidad 1: Building Identities in Place and is the editor of a series of volumes on the same subject in Colombia. Currently, at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Rueda is working on a project on architectural theory titled Poetic Historicity through the Modern Sieve, with case studies on Alvaro Siza, Rogelio Salmona and Peter Zumthor. Carlos Rueda’s doctoral dissertation Place-Making as World Re-Creation was honored with the ARCC King Medal (2009).

Teaching Activity
Professor Rueda is a passionate teacher and lecturer with over 20 years of experience in Universities across the Americas and Europe. His teaching has been awarded at McGill University, and he has lectured in the most diverse academic venues and communities, in Canada, The United States, Colombia, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.
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