Matters Related to Research
The Office of Research Services (ORS) is the first point of contact for faculty members who are seeking information and support for their research. This team provides expert advice and support in the following research administration functions. 

All research grant applications and contract proposals with the provincial or federal governments must be reviewed by Research Grant & Contract Services staff prior to submission to ensure compliance with the policies and requirements of the university and the sponsor.

All research contracts are negotiated by Research Grant & Contract Services staff in consultation with the researcher on behalf of the university.


The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) was created as an independent, non profit organization by the federal government in 1997. The Foundation's goal is to strengthen the capacity of Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals, and other not for profit institutions to carry out world class research and technology development. By investing in research infrastructure projects, the CFl supports research excellence, and helps strengthen research training at institutions across Canada. Support from the CF1 is awarded following a thorough assessment process that involves researchers, University research administrators, and research users from Canada and abroad. If you are considering CFI for research funding, contact the Associate Dean (Research) in the Dean's Office.

These applications are very time consuming to prepare and must be started at the earliest possible time. In addition these applications go through a University based evaluation process that is administrated through the Dean's Office.

The Innovation Fund enables eligible institutions to strengthen their research infrastructure in priority areas as identified in their strategic research plan. The fund promotes multi disciplinary and inter institutional approaches, and enables Canadian researchers to tackle groundbreaking projects.

The New Opportunities Fund provides infrastructure support to newly recruited academic staff. The fund helps universities attract world class faculty members in areas that are essential to the institutions' research objectives.


URGP is an internal grant, which may award up to $7,500, and is available to full time academic staff. This program stimulates and supports the growth of research at the university. New faculty are particularly encouraged to apply.

Competition is open to both new and established faculty. Established staff (i.e., faculty members applying for support beyond three years of their first full time appointment) can apply once every thirty ¬six (36) months. This competitive grant program is intended to encourage faculty to initiate and extend a long term research agenda that leads to successful applications for external funding.

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Preparing applications is not a last-minute task. Because selection committees can identify proposals that were prepared at the last minute, take the time to do it well. In order to avoid last minute problems you should plan on approximately 6 months to develop a good grant proposal. Well organized proposals are easier to navigate and are easier to find specific answers. You should anticipate criticism, anticipate comments and answer them in the text. Show enthusiasm. This can make your document stand out. Take care to review your proposal and ask a colleague to spend a few hours to play evaluator before sending it out the door. The results could help in improving the quality and clarity of your proposal. It is important that you follow submission instructions to the letter. Follow the order and layout suggested ... the less work the committee has to do in sorting out your application, the better your chances at obtaining a favorable decision.

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