To ensure safe and equitable access to the assembly space please:
  1. Always clean up after yourself.

  2. Students wishing to leave ongoing projects overnight or longer need to register their project with the Workshop Technician.  Students will be provided with a space within the jury room and will be responsible for ensuring it is clear and clean after use.

  3. Appropriate precautions must be taken when using materials like paint, concrete and plasters to keep the workspace clean, i.e. use of drop sheets, tarps, etc.

  4. Please do not dump plaster or concrete mixtures, paint or glue into the sink – these should be emptied into containers, cardboard boxes or garbage bags and disposed of in the appropriate garbage bins.

  5. To protect everybody’s health, no grinding/sanding of toxic materials such as concrete or fibreglass is permitted.

  6. Every Monday morning all materials and projects remaining will be removed unless they are registered as an ongoing project (see item 2).

  7. In the event students do not clean/clear their area, they will be responsible for any costs incurred by the Faculty to remove and clean the area.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Keith Millan
Manager, Workshop
101 Russell Building
t 204-474-6436

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