Laser Cutters

UNIVERSAL Laser Systems (120Watt)


 The FABlab is equipped with 3 seperate Universal laser cutters that can cut a variety of material from 0mm-9mm in thickness. These laser cutters can be operated by trained students, a FABlab tech will not cut your files for you.

Cost: $0.50/minute cutting time *Cost relative to students within the Faculty of Architecutre

Attachments Include:


Downdraft Table: For extraction of fumes below material surface

Pin Table: To elevate material off the surface grid (typically for very small parts)

Rotary Fixture: Rotates objects around a center point (for etching/cutting round parts)




This industrial laser cutter has the ability to cut a variety of material from 0mm-9mm thickness. This machine can only be operated by a FABlab tech and is run on a first-come, first-serve basis. (Faculty of Architecture students class work, take priority over all others)

Cost: $0.80/minute cutting time *Cost relative to students within the Faculty of Architecutre


1. Need something cut or etched?
First decided what size of material you will be cutting out of. Material over 32”x18” needs to be cut on the BEAM laser cutter, which can only be operated by a Lab TECH. The UNIVERSAL laser cutters are much more flexible for etching and cutting material. The Beam laser cutter is more for solely cutting through material.

2. Preparing a file
All students can easily prepare their own file for use within the laser cutters. Any Vector based program will produce lines which the laser cutter can follow, to cut or etch through a material. Click here for tutorials on file prep.

3. Preparing material
Any ‘approved’ materials that are to go in the laser cutter must be cut down to the size of the machine bed in which a student is intending to use. So long as the material fits in the bed the laser cutter can be used.

4. Booking a machine
Students that have undergone training will be granted access to the on-line booking system, so they can book time for the laser cutters when they like. Any other student that would like something cut can visit the FABLab and a TECH will fit their cut in when time becomes available.
*Please note that no-shows, showing up 15 minutes late or failure to cancel your appointment will result in loss of position queue. Repeated no-shows will lose laser privileges. During the busiest times of the years students are restricted to 4 hours cutting time each week.

5. Cutting
Do not place materials on top of the machine, it is not a work surface! You absolutely must not leave the machine unattended while cutting, no matter how experienced you are. If the machine is found cutting unattended it will be shut down, and will result in revocation of laser privileges for the logged in user.

6. Clean-up and payment
It is the student's responsibility to clean up after the cut is complete. All scrap material must be taken to the outside dumpster and all debris/dust must be swept and discarded. No material or cut parts can be stored in the FABLab. Once cleanup is complete, the Lab TECH will write your time for cutting and charge you accordingly for the cut. All materials and laser cutting must be paid for before leaving the Workshop or FABLab.

*Students who leave without paying will be revoked privileges within the Workshop and FABLab.