Working Alone Policy


With every new piece of technology comes the opening of new territories, exploring and understanding these new frontiers are critical to contextualizing the realm of potentials surrounding any new form of technology. Though with any new territory, come new boundaries and the responsibility of the individual to both understand and push the perceived boundaries of territorialized technology.

When undertaking a new project it is highly recommended that you speak with one of the lab coordinators or technicians to get a better sense of the type of equipment and its limitations which may present new possibilities or restrictions, relative to your given project. Some considerations to be made are: material type, dimensional constraints, quality of detail, scale size and scheduling. Please bring all your files to the lab either on a portable storage device or USB.

  • FABLab users must have taken the digital equipment orientation, to use any fabrication aided design tools.
  • FABLab users must be a registered student, Faculty of Architecture staff or have permission through the shop manager to use the equipment.
  • FABLab users must have legitimate course related projects.
  • FABLab access privileges can be revoked at any time at the discretion of shop staff.
  • Revocation of FABLab access privileges must be reconciled with the shop manager

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Safety glasses and hearing protection must be worn when entering the CNC Router/Beam laser cutting room.
  • Dust mask should be worn while cleaning up a workstation or removing material from digital equipment.
  • Please be aware that safety footwear is required when working in the workshop (U of M policy)

Student/Staff/Faculty Members

  • Students work within or associated with the Faculty of Architecture take priority within the LAB.
  • Educators and instructors within the Faculty of Architecture are encouraged to explore and contextualize the potential form this type of technology offers to their related field of research.
  • Faculty members wishing to make use of the lab for their courses should meet with the coordinators at least two weeks in advance to discuss the project, relevant work flows, and scheduling constraints. In general, during the school term, student work from the faculty of architecture will take priority.

Materials that cannot be machined

Laser cutter

  • ABS
  • PVC -(polyvinyl chloride)
  • Lexan