AXYZ 4008 Router (8'x5')



Accessories include:



- Automatic tool changer (setup up prior to cut)

- Tangential Knife (for cutting flexible material)

- Unist Mister (for milling non-ferrous metals)

- Vaccum cups (hold down for small material or undercuts)

Cost: $30/hour (min $5 charge) *Cost relative to students within the Faculty of Architecutre



Along with a wide range of tool types, the FABLab carries a variety of tool bits to be used while cutting differnet types of projects. Please talk with a Lab TECH to see what is in stock.



1. Have an Idea

The first step is to have a good grasp of what you would like to do. What material are you considering? What size is your project? What end-product do you want?


2. Talk with a Lab TECH

Think of the FABLab TECH as an advisor for your CNC project. While dealing with a 3 axis CNC, there may be a number of restrictions presented for specific model types and material desires. A TECH can help you resolve or re-direct your issues to other forms of digital fabrication.
Bring your file(s) with you when talking with the TECH. He or she will review your geometry, discuss material choices and attempt to answer your questions. The TECH will work with you to schedule an appropriate cut time. Appointments to cut must be made at least 48 hours in advance

3. Prepare Materials

The Workshop sells limited supplies of MDF, Baltic Birch Plywood, and Polystyrene Foam. Please check with the workshop manager for available materials

If you are laminating material for a CNC cut, apply glue evenly and thoroughly upon a clean surface before placing it in the vacuum-press for no less than 2 hours. The total drying time should be a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled cut time. Verify that material dimensions do not exceed the table size (8' x 5'). Full instructions for the vacuum-press can be provided by a workshop assistant.

4. Cut with a Lab TECH

Arrive to your scheduled CNC time with your prepared file(s) and material. Upon arrival a TECH will prepare your RhinocCAM file and cut your project. If you have prepared your RhinoCAM file already, the TECH will review it before cutting. It is required for the student to be present for the duration of the cut.

5. Clean Up and Pay

It is the student's responsibility to clean up after the cut is complete. All scrap material must be taken to the outside dumpster and all debris/dust must be swept and discarded.

Once cleanup is complete, the TECH will write you an invocie for the cut. Pay for all materials and CNC cutting before leaving the Workshop or FABLab. Students who leave without paying will be revoked privilages within the Workshop and FABLab.