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Ola Hiraeth is an interior design studio based in Winnipeg run by Renee Struthers and Tanya Peters, both graduates of the University of Manitoba’s Master of Interior Design program.

Focusing on a mixture of small and medium-scale commercial and residential projects, Ola Hiraeth takes a human-centred approach to design and place-making. They aim to design spaces that people and other forms of life can grow into, spaces that have room to evolve over time.

Central to Ola Hiraeth’s design practice is a strong inclination towards a natural simplicity wherein they continually question the topics of timelessness, beauty, nature and aesthetics.

By prioritizing comfort and authenticity, the needs of the studio’s clients are carefully considered and the existing architectural and cultural contexts honoured.

Ola Hiraeth brings meaning to their work by instilling a quiet richness to their projects. They focus on creating a “quality of space” filled with a collection of natural materials and artful details that spark the human spirit. Their work is a celebration of both function and the unexpected.

Renee Struthers
Prior to establishing Ola Hiraeth with business partner Tanya in 2019, Renee completed various projects independently, alongside and through employment with various Winnipeg design firms, including 5468796 Architecture before starting her own practice, Studio Hiraeth in 2017. Her personal practice has included interior design for commercial and residential spaces and the design and manufacture of small run furniture, lighting and objects. She has a firm belief in the potential for design to ignite the spirit - to facilitate a narrative. She is a graduate of the Master of Interior Design Program at the University of Manitoba.

Tanya Peters
Tanya graduated from the University of Manitoba’s Master of Interior Design Program in 2013.  Before establishing Ola Hiraeth with Renee in 2019, she worked independently in her design firm Studio OLA, focusing primarily on cultural and residential projects.  Prior to that she worked as the Project Manager for artist Wanda Koop, where among other skills, she honed her affinity for colour and form.  Her interests lie in exploring the areas where art and design intersect and in making sure these spaces reflect the human life within.

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