The Bauhaus in Conversation
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At noon in Centre Space of the Architecture Building (John A. Russell Building) Professor of Art History Dr. Oliver Botar, curator of “Bauhaus (Canada) 100,” will present a powerpoint presentation about the exhibition. This will be followed by a conversation between Dr. Carlos Rueda, Dr. Herbert Enns and Dr. Botar.

Professor Rueda is a passionate teacher and lecturer with over 20 years of experience in Universities across the Americas and Europe. His teaching has been awarded at McGill University, and he has lectured in the most diverse academic venues and communities, in Canada, The United States, Colombia, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. He holds an architectural practice, and is cofounder and associate in the architectural firm Monumental Arquitectura:

Professor Enns works across disciplines on a wide range of research and creative projects. Maintaining an active architecture practice, curating exhibitions, producing publications, and lecturing widely, he explores new territories of design innovation in architecture, urban design, product design, interdisciplinary creative practice, and digital technology. Professor Enns is a Senior Fellow at St. John’s College - an independent constituent college of the University of Manitoba - and has been appointed to the College Council. He has been Seconded (40%) to the University of Winnipeg as Director, CISCO Innovation Centre for Collaborative Technologies, the University of Winnipeg since 2012.

This event is FREE and open to the public. Everyone is welcome to attend!

IMAGE CREDIT: Mies van der Rohe (on the couch, at centre) with his lllinois Institute of Technology class, Chicago, ca. 1953. His Winnipeg student Isadore Coop is seated next to the lamp; Cynthia Bookbinder Coop is seated under his arm, second to the right from Mies. Photo courtesy of Susan Algie, Winnipeg Architecture Foundation and Diana Coop Nerman, Vancouver.

Food for Thought
Thursday, March 12, 2020
Noon  |  Centre Space
John A. Russell Building
Faculty of Architecture
University of Manitoba

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