Liane Veness

an introduction.

The objective of this lecture is to simply re-introduce C.A.S.T to the faculty and demystify some of the questions surrounding the Centre. What is C.A.S.T? Why is C.A.S.T important? Who works in C.A.S.T?  What is happening in C.A.S.T? How can I work in C.A.S.T?

The lecture will be presented by the C.A.S.T coordinator Liane Veness, a registered Architect, and Sessional Instructor in the Department of Architecture. Liane is also the principal and founder of a small Architecture office known simply as Work/Shop and her work has received multiple design awards and has been published in several books, journals and magazines. Her multi-faceted design “office”, focuses on both the research and the fabrication of built spaces, actively engaging in the continuous exploration of manner and materials and the direct influence they both have on the inhabited space.

Liane’s most recent role as the C.A.S.T coordinator is a new and exciting interdisciplinary challenge. She has embraced the Centre’s mandate, effectively re-establishing C.A.S.T as an active facility that engages in both discipline-specific and cross-disciplinary research. Liane enthusiastically supports the Centre’s objective in providing a unique space for critical and creative experimentation and is determined to build upon the Centre’s established world class reputation, promoting interdisciplinary research that will benefit students, faculty, researchers, and industry professionals alike.

A brief introduction will be held in Centre space and then lunch will be offered in a C.A.S.T. as we host an open house and “garage sale”!


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C.A.S.T Facility_ Image 01 (above): Lancelot Coar
Button Image on 2017/2018 Events page: Ilana Elbaze

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Food for Thought
Monday, September 18, 2017
Noon  |  Centre Space
John A. Russell Building
Faculty of Architecture
University of Manitoba