Fatemeh Hashemi

Environmental Comfort

Designing workplaces for human/machine interface, such as those found in control centers, is a complex matter because of the diversity of requirements that need to be considered. As the physical aspects of the workplace is a significant factor affecting human error, in designing control center environments the primary focus shall be on workers task demands and comfort. In many cases, there has been a priority placed on designing for the functional requirements of the expensive equipment over human needs. These priorities may lead to increased biological and psychological pressures on staff.  Now the question is how to ensure that the user’s environmental comfort is achieved? How does the building perform in terms of its fitness for the user’s purpose and function? One strategic method for ensuring a building’s ability to meet the intended goals is through a Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) in uncontrolled field situations. The previous office buildings POE studies were done in non-industrial places. The significance and originality of this research stems from it being one of the first POE studies looking at human/machine interface in industrial buildings.

Short bio of presenter:

Fatemeh Hashemi is a Visiting Researcher in the Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba. She is a Ph.D. Candidate of Architecture at IKI University in Iran, and has a Master of Architecture and Energy degree from the University of Tehran. She has about 10 years’ experience in researching and working in the field of sustainable design and reducing buildings’ energy consumption. Her ongoing project is about environmental comfort at the workplace in control buildings, a type of building that is neglected by architects. This project is funded by Science Ministry of Iran and MAPNA Group, the main Iranian company involved in development and execution of power plants.

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