Jonathan Sotto
Telling stories: Yabu Pushelberg's approach to design

This lecture will dive into the approach Yabu Pushelberg takes to design, and where they are taking design. How - and why - to narrate a project and ensure the first page reads as strong as the last.

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The Miami Beach EDITION
-The Miami Beach EDITION captures the spirit of the sixties, respectfully preserving details from the original Seville Beach Hotel, offering an edited, paired back counterpoint to the ex­cess of that era
-The lobby is a juxtaposition of original elements such as gilt mosaic-tiled columns and white and black stone floor, against soft, natural materials
-The amorphous space is interspersed with groupings of exaggeratedly long, low slipcovered sofas and tailored chairs, encourag­ing social interactions and offering a place to gather, to see and be seen
Completed Dec 2014
Photographer: Nikolas Koenig
London image

The London EDITION
-The lobby is juxtaposition between the existing restored traditional spaces and modern insertions. The design infused the restored Edwardian bones of the hotel with contemporary, pared back furnishings and lighting. The juxtaposition of styles gives it energy and creates mood.
-Ingo Maurer, the German based lighting artist whose work has been exhibited at New York’s MoMa, provided the mirrored egg lighting installation for the lobby
-The London EDITION has become a social and cultural hub.  It provides a gathering place for locals and world travelers that speaks to the strong arts community in the city
Completed: September 2013
Photographer: Richard Powers

Office image
Yabu Pushelberg, Toronto Studio
Design notes:
-Toronto studio of global design firm Yabu Pushelberg, located in the city’s Lesliville neighborhood
-The ‘gallery’, the first space guests find as they enter the building, houses pieces of furniture and art collected over years of travel amidst formal and casual louging an meeting spaces.  Mixed together with designer table tennis and foosball tables, the ‘gallery’ is bright, open and friendly, reflective of the company itself.
-Pictured (image 16) are pieces of the Yabu Pushelberg-designed Blink collection for Stellar Works, first launched in 2013
-Pictured (image 21) are artworks by English artist Fiona Banner and the Rua Ipanema chairs designed by Yabu Pushelberg for Avenue Road
Completed: 2013
Photographer: Evan Dion

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017
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