2012-2013 Faculty of Architecture Events
Gamborg Image
September 11, 2012
Food for Thought
Gamborg and Magnussen
Gamborg & Magnussen, 2012
Worster Image
September 12, 2012
Dean's Lecture Series
Donald Worster
Facing Limits: From the Age of Abundance to the Age of Equibibrium
Marcuse Image
September 20, 2012
Cultural Events
Peter Marcuse
Is Professionalism Bad for Cities?
The Role of Architects and Planers 
Weinthal Image
September 24, 2012
Cultural Events
Lois Weinthal
First Impressions: Revealing the Subtle and Minuscule in the Interior
Quinton Summary September 26, 2012
Cultural Events
Jean Christoph Quinton
Suzuki Image
October 18, 2012
Cultural Events
Akio Suzuki

Artist Talk / Workshop
October 19, 2012
Food for Thought
Bill Galloway
Tokyo Story
October 29, 2012
Cultural Events
Jun Shibata
Living with a Place
November 8, 2012
Food for Thought
Carley Friesen
Swedish Sin
Vik Image
November 11, 2012
Food for Thought
Nils Vik
November 29, 2012
Dean's Lecture Series
Odeli Decq
Arbel Image
January 31, 2013
Cultural Events
Omer Arbel
Wolfrum Image
February 11, 2013
Dean's Lecture Series
Sophie Wolfrum
Game of Steps
Tyler Image
February 25, 2013
Cultural Events
Mary Ellen Tyler
Designing for Water in a Changing Landscape
Boddy Image
February 26, 2013
Dean's Lecture Series
Trevor Boddy
Thorbeck Image  February 27, 2013
Cultural Events
Dewey Thorbeck
Rural Design: Partnering for Rural Futures
February 28, 2013
Cultural Events
Karen Lee
Active Design
Cantrell Image
March 14, 2013
Cultural Events
Bradley Cantrell
Synthetic Ecologies
Dykers Image
March 27, 2013
Jeffrey Cook Memorial Lecture
Craig Dyker



THEME: Regarding Economy

Gamborg Magnussen
September 10, 2012

Gamborg & Magnussen
Karen Gamborg Knudsen &
Kasper Magnussen
Bargained Buildings Image
September 17 - October 19, 2012
Bargained Building: Recent Design Practice Projects
By Winnipeg Firms
Rodeh Image
October 22 - December 1, 2012
Barking Dogs Don't Bite
Alona Rodeh
Hancock Image
January 14 - February 20, 2013
Material Landscapes
curated by Liane Hancock
Rural Studio Image
March 25 - May 1, 2013
20K Houses
Rural Studio