2011-2012 Faculty of Architecture Events
Richard Kroeker Image
September 19, 2011
Richard Kroeker
Aquino Shanski Image
September 22, 2011
Aquino Shanski
Keil Image
October 11, 2011
Cultural Events
Roger Keil
A World of Suburbs? Finding the Urban Century in the Periphery
Veres Image
October 20, 2011
Food for Thought
Chris Veres
From Streets to Spaces
Anzalone Image
November 3, 2011
Cultural Events
Phillip Anzalone
Epistemological Constructions
Jorgensen Image
November 14, 2011
Jeffrey Cook Memorial Lecture
Kasper Jorgensen
Associate Partner, 3XN Architects

Aube Image
November 18, 2011
Cultural Events
Michel Aube
New Hotel Design: Behind the Chic
& the Pop
Blackwell ImageNovember 30, 2011
Cultural Events
Adrian Blackwell

Fractured Atlas/Virtual Architecture
Moxam Image
January 26, 2012
Food for Thought
Michael Moxam
Large or Small: Community and Public Realm
January 31, 2012
Cultural Events
Branko Kolarevic
Manufacturing Material Effects
Salkeld ImageFebruary 16, 2012
Food for Thought
Clayton Salkeld
The Forgotten Scale of Architecture 
Hillier Image
February 29, 2012
Food for Thought
Thomas Hillier
Started but Never Finished
van Eych Image
March 8, 2012
Cultural Events
Jerry Van Eych
Yakiuchuk Image
March 9, 2012
Food for Thought
Manda Yakiuchuk
making !Melk
DoUC Image
March 13, 2012
Food for Thought
Anthony VidlerMarch 14, 2012
Dean's Lecture Series
Anthony Vidler
Whatever Happened to Ecology? From Whole Earth to Globalization
Fisher Image March 20, 2012
Cultural Events
Thomas Fisher
The Stories Behind the Buildings: The Architechture and Ethics of David Salmela
Landrum Image
April 2, 2012
Food for Thought
Lisa Landrum
Episodes in the Career of Lady Architecture
Sass Image
April 4, 2012
Dean's Lecture Series
Lawrence Sass
The Next Revolution In Building Design And Production



CMHR image
September 15 - October 11,  2011
Smith Carter and Antoine Predock

Building the Canadian Museum
for Human Rights
Kira Appelhans Image
October 14 - November 11,  2011
Kira Appelhans
Shifting Ground
Beecher Image November 29, 2011 - January 13, 2012
Mary Anne Beecher
Smout Allan Image January 23 - March 2, 2012
Smout Allen
Envirographic Architecture
Landrum Image
March 12 - May 7,  2012
Lisa and Ted Landrum
Group Costumes: Retrospective