About Researching at C.A.S.T.
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The Centre for Architectural Structures and Technology does not offer a specific program of study. C.A.S.T. is a resource of the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture, and most students working at C.A.S.T. are enrolled in one of the Departments of this Faculty. A few students doing work with us have been enrolled in the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Engineering, while others have worked here as visitors from other universities.  Work and study at C.A.S.T. is done either through workshop classes offered by the Faculty of Architecture, research thesis projects in the Department of Architecture, or by special research teams engaged in specific projects. Funding is sometimes available for graduate research assistants enrolled in the University of Manitoba’s Department of Architecture. Occasionally, when the opportunity arises, the Laboratory will host a C.A.S.T. Visiting Researcher as well.

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Open Call for Proposals for the Research in Residence Program

Please send inquiries to C.A.S.T. coordinator Liane.Veness@umanitoba.ca