Wide Format Printing
NOTE: We only provide printing service to current University of Manitoba staff and students


Wide format printing is available in the CADLab office at 124 Architecture 2.
Click for our office hours.

Contact Info:

Phone: 204-474-7482
Email: cadprint@umanitoba.ca


We accept debit, Visa, or Mastercard.

If your Faculty or Department is paying for your prints (via FOP/FOAP), you can download our printing payment form here.

Please ensure that the signing authority's name, office phone number, signature and account usage justification are on the form prior to dropping off your file. Payment forms that are missing information will not be accepted. Also, please have the signing authority email us giving authorization for you to print to the account.

Pricing and Sizes:

We charge based on the dimensions of your file, calculated by square feet. We do not provide our services to individuals or businesses outside of the University of Manitoba.


  All Pricing per square foot
Canon iPF 8300S - High Quality Inkjet Printer Colour B&W
Matte Canvas (42" roll) $4.50 same
Satin Gloss (42" roll) $3.75 same
Heavy Bond (42" roll) $3.00 same
Customer Supplied Sheets *$2.00 same
*Add $5 per sheet, $2 each subsequent sheet    
Oce Colorwave 500 - Production Quality Printer    
Light Bond (42" roll) $1.25 $0.50
Translucent Bond (Vellum) (36" roll) $1.25 same
Mylar (36" roll) $2.00 same
White Film (36" roll) $3.00 same
*More paper types coming soon!*    


*Please note that the minimum charge for prints on the Canon 8300S is $5. This is per job (which could contain multiple images/posters), not per poster/image.

We can print up to the maximum width of the roll (listed above, minus 0.25" margin on either side). The maximum length is only limited by the size of the roll.

We can also print on customer supplied paper up to 44" wide on the Canon 8300S. Most of the common cut sheets sold at the UofM Bookstore will work. These paper types include Strathmore/Strathmore Museum, Mayfair, Stonehedge/Maidstone, vellum and Crystal Mohawk. Other similar papers may work as well but we cannot guarantee compatibility. Nor can we guarantee any level of colour matching due to the differing white points and densities of the papers. Please ensure that you leave a margin of no less than 1/4 of an inch on 3 sides and 2 inches on the last side (this should be on one of the short sides) on your image as the printer cannot print right to the end of a sheet.

Please note that we can only trim prints up to 72" in length. So if either the width or height of your poster is greater than 72", you will need to trim the poster yourself. We reserve the right to withhold cutting services for large batch jobs (many small individual images, for example).

Preparing your file:

Please ensure that your files are sized to the correct dimensions, that all images have adequate resolution for the size you are printing and any other adjustments have been made. We are not a design shop and we will not modify posters and images for you. Double check your files to ensure there are no errors! We are not responsible for files with spelling mistakes, corrupt images, wrong fonts, and other problems that sometimes show up in PDF files.

Do not add crop marks! We add full length crop marks that make it much easier for us to cut.

We accept PDF files for wide format printing.  Our printing software does not accept Powerpoint or AutoCAD files, so they must be converted to PDF by the customer before delivery to CADLab. We will also accept TIFs and JPEGs for image files (ie. photos).

If you are printing on canvas and require additional space around your poster for framing, please ensure that you've added sufficient white space around your border.

Please drop off your prints in person, preferably on a USB stick. Depending on the size of the file, we can sometimes also accept them via email.