Wired vs. Wireless

Most areas in the Faculty are serviced with a mix of wired and wireless networking.  Each has advantages and disadvantages and it is important that you choose the connection that is best suited to your work.


A wired connection is typically faster and more stable than the wireless network.  The wired network gives you a dedicated 100Mbps connection.  You should use the wired connection for applications where reliability and speed are important, such as:
  • Video conferencing
  • Printing
  • Especially large file uploads or downloads (multiple GB)

There are not enough wired ports for everyone to use at the same time.  This is especially the case in the classrooms which usually only have 2 or 4 ports.  They are there to provide service for those whose needs aren’t being met by the wireless system.


The wireless network is a shared network, meaning that everyone is your vicinity is sharing bandwidth.  Put another way, heavy Internet users near you will slow you down.  Wireless speed and reliability is further complicated by signal interference and how far away you are from the access point.  Today most people primarily use the wireless network and will only plug in to the wired network for a specific purpose.

Russell, Architecture 2, Education Building, and CAST have wireless networking coverage provided by IST.  They are using the 802.11n wireless standard at both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.  There are two networks to choose from: uofm-guest and uofm-secure.

The uofm-guest network is intended for guests and as a short term solution for those who connect use uofm-secure for some reason.  There is less capacity on the uofm-guest network than the uofm-secure network.

The uofm-secure network is the preferred wireless network.  It provides secure and reliable wireless access.  Please click here for instructions on how to connect to it.

Coverage Areas

Russell Building

The Russell building is set up for wireless networking with full coverage throughout the building.  The wireless network in the Russell building is maintained by IST.

The following areas have hard wired connections:

  • Studio areas
  • Classrooms
  • Centre Space
  • Staff Offices (requires computer to be registered at CADLab)

Architecture 2

The wireless network in Architecture 2 is maintained by IST.
There should be full coverage throughout the building.

The following areas have hard wired connections:

  • All studio areas
  • Classrooms
  • Rm. 225
  • Staff Offices (requires computer to be registered at CADLab)


The wireless network in C.A.S.T. is maintained by IST.  The C.A.S.T. building is set up for wireless networking with general coverage throughout the building.

The upper level of C.A.S.T. has several wired connections as well.  To use these hard wired connections, your computer must be registered with the CADLab.

If you have questions about network availability in a certain area, please contact the CADLab.


Last Update 2016-04-29