CADLab - Equipment Loans
CADLab has equipment available to be loaned out, from high-definition digital video cameras to laptops. To borrow a piece of equipment, come to room 124 Architecture II and fill out one of the sign out forms. We also have various adapters and cables available.

All items listed were purchased through Tech Fee funds. If there is other equipment you would like to have available for sign out, please visit the Tech Fee website by clicking here. There you will find information on where your money is going, who your committee members are and how you can submit a proposal for new equipment purchases.


1. Equipment can only be signed out by Faculty of Architecture students and staff.

2. As the equipment is purchased from the Technology Fee, student's needs have priority over staff.

3. Equipment must be returned on the date and time indicated on the signout form. Failure to do so will result in fines and possibly the loss of borrowing privileges. Items must be brought back before 12:00pm on the due date (3:00pm on weekends). If the equipment is brought back after that time, a $5.00 fine will be assessed and an additional $5.00 will be assessed for each extra day that the equipment is not returned. If you are unable to come in at the time indicated, please call and ask for an extension.

4. When borrowing equipment you are required to sign an agreement and are responsible for any damage, loss or theft that occurs while the equipment is in your care.


Equipment available  Max Loan
Laptops & Projectors:  
13" Macbook Pro (OSX 10.11 & Windows 10 Pro) (x5) 14 days
BenQ Short Throw HD Projector (x6) 2 days
Panasonic Classroom Projector (x2) 2 days
Canon EOS 6D (x2) 5 days
Canon Rebel T5i (x3) 5 days
Sony A7S (x1) 5 days
Nikon D90 (x2) 5 days
Nikon D5100 (x6) 5 days
Nikon Macro Lens AF 105mm F/2.8 EX DG (x2) 5 days
Nikon Macro Lens AF 70mm F2.8 EX DG (x2) 5 days
Nikon Wide-Angle Lens AF 10-20mm F/4-5.6 EX (x4) 5 days
Nikon Micro Lens AF-S Nikkor 60mm 1:2.8 G ED 5 days
Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm F/2.8 USM (x2) 5 days
Canon Macro Lens 105mm F/2.8 EX DG (x2) 5 days
Canon Macro Lens 20/50mm Zeiss Planar T* 20/50mm (x1) 5 days
Canon Macro Lens EF 50mm F/2.5 Compact (x1) 5 days
Canon Wide-Angle Lens AF 10-20mm F/3.5 EX DC HSM (x2) 5 days
Canon Wide-Angle Lens 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC (x2) 5 days
Canon Wide-Angle Lens EF 14mm F/2.8L II USM Ultra Wide (x1) 5 days
Nikon SB-600 Speedlight flash (x1) 5 days
di-GPS Eco Prosumer M GPS Unit for Nikon D5100 (x2) 5 days
Video Cameras:  
Sony NEX-FS700R Video Camera + Video Tripod (x1) 5 days
Canon HF-11 HD (x4) 5 days
GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition (x4) 5 days
GoPro Hero 3+ (x3) 5 days
Audio Recorders & Accessories:  
Sony PCM-D50 (x3) 5 days
Zoom H4N (x1) 5 days
Zoom H2 (x1) 5 days
Rode Shotgun Mic (x3) 5 days
Sony Headphones (x2) 5 days
Logitech USB Speakers (x1) 2 days
Fender Passport Conference Speakers + Speaker Tripods (x1) 5 days
Bluetooth Party Speakers (x2) 2 days
Wacom Cintiq Pro 13" Drawing Tablet (x2) 7 days
Wacom Intuos Pro Drawing Tablet (x2) 7 days
Wacom Bamboo Drawing Tablet (x2) 7 days
Plustek Opticfilm 7600 Slide Scanner (x1)  7 days
Tripod (x5) Monopod (x2) SLR Gorillapod (x2) GoPro Gorillapod (x4) 7 days
Lightmeters (x8) 7 days