Barkman Concrete Competition 2013-2014
Concrete is known as grey. But concrete has amazing properties! Every year Barkman Concrete Ltd. honours pre-cast design proposals of students that challenge and celebrate the material. The barkman concrete design competition is unique among faculty-wide design
competitions since it promotes communication between industry, educators and students. The call for entries aims at establishing prizes (total money of $3000) generously donated by Barkman Concrete Ltd. as part of their Scholarship Fund for students in the Faculty / Department of Landscape Architecture.

The Barkman Concrete design competition is open to any student enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba (in the 2013-14 academic year) and is required assignment for students in EVLU 3012.

How to combine running water with dancing fire? The task of the competition is the presentation of a design for a pre-cast water / fire feature which could be applied for residential or commercial purposes.
The unit
• could be manufactured from GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete) or wet cast.
• needs to be a combination of both fire (wood or gas) and water.
• needs to be self-contained and the water “bowl” needs to be refillable and not have to be
  hooked up to a source.
• needs to be built in such a way that it can be taken into a back yard.
• needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Students are to submit scale drawings (plan, section and elevation) of their proposed unit.
Explanations of the anticipated fabrication method are to be included.
Layout: design board, 24 x 36 inch surface area
Submission form: 2 hardcopies

Date of Issue of Invitation Tuesday February 10, 2014
Explanation of Project
Rm 116, Arch2
1pm Friday February 14, 2014
Submission at the Partners Program Office, JAR 1pm Monday April 7, 2014
Adjudication Friday April 11, 2014

A jury of Barkman Concrete representatives will undertake the adjudication on April 11th.

As in previous years: “Submissions will remain the ‘intellectual property’ of the student. Barkman Concrete will retain the duplicate copy of submissions for their records and will enter into a compensation agreement with the designer(s) before commencing any commercial
production on the basis of their design.”

For further information please contact:

Professor Anna Thurmayr