Raymond S.C. Wan Architect Inc. Recruitment Scholarship
Terms of Reference

Raymond S.C. Wan Architect Inc. offers an annual scholarship to attract top students to the graduate program in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba.

Each year one entrance scholarship will be offered to a graduate student who:

•   is enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, in the first year of the Master of Architecture degree program

•   has achieved a minimum degree grade point average of 3.5 (or equivalent) in the undergraduate program

•   has, based on his or her portfolio, demonstrated the strongest potential to become a practitioner of architecture in his or her career

In order to demonstrate how they meet criterion (3), applicants will be required to submit to the Faculty of Architecture a statement of intent outlining their career ambitions in architecture and a portfolio of their design studies. More specifically, the portfolio should demonstrate a strong conceptual approach with supporting research, a clear and thorough design process evidenced through preliminary and intermediate stages, and a final comprehensive design. Attention to various modes of representation consistent with the stages of the project development and a portfolio that documents this work concisely will also be considered. Recipients may hold the Raymond S.C. Wan Architect Inc. Recruitment Award concurrently with any other awards, consistent with policies in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

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Application Deadline: October 3rd, 2019

Applications should be submitted to:

Corrine Klekta
Room 212, John A. Russell Building


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Past Recipients

2018 - 2019 Fatima Naeem
2017 - 2018 Luxiameng Yang
2016 - 2017 Marco Garcia & Steven Hung
2013 - 2015 Not Offered
2012 - 2013 Daniel Hapton
2011 - 2012 Jonathan R. Granke
2010 - 2011 Richard Chiang