Corrigill Scholarship
Terms of Reference

From the bequest of Elva S. Corrigill, widow of Alexander Stevenson Corrigill (B. Arch.'19) who was the first graduate in Architecture of the University of Manitoba, a scholarship fund has been established at The University of Manitoba.

From this fund a total of 8 scholarships will be awarded to students who:

•  have clear standing in their study programs of previous year in the university

•  have high standing on a full study program in the academic year on which the
   award is based

•  proceed in the next ensuing academic year to the next year in course in full-time enrolment
   within the Faculty of Architecture

The full available annual income shall be spent each year. The scholarships will be distributed as follows:

•  forty percent of the available annual income shall be split equally between each of the four
   graduate departments (Architecture, Landscape Architecture, City Planning, and Interior
   Design) as an award to a student who proceeds either from the ED 4 year or the Master's
   year I to either of the Master’s Year I or the Master’s Year II (thesis year)

•  sixty percent of the annual income shall be split equally between four awards in the
   Environmental Design program; two to students proceeding from the ED 2 to the ED 3
   year of the program; one to a student proceeding from the ED 3 to the ED 4 year; and
   one to a student proceeding from the ED 4 year to the Master’s I year

These scholarships are tenable with other awards open to students in the Faculty of Architecture. If a student to whom one of these scholarships is offered does not register in the next ensuing academic year as required, his or her scholarship will be awarded be reversion to the next qualified student.

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Past Recipients

2018 - 2019
Caelan Chornoboy (ED)
Alixa Lacerna (ED)
John Gray (ED)
Jessica Piper (ED)
George Vincent (AR)
Anton Metalnikov (CP)
Katherine Godfrey (ID)
Alyssa Magas (LA)

2017 - 2018
Grant Patriarca (ED)
Zoe Goldman (ED)
Lexi Morse (ED)
Jason Wall (ED)
Steven Hung (AR)
Evan Sinclair (CP)
Lindsay Imlah (ID)
Evan Tremblay (LA)

2016 - 2017
Jessica Piper (ED)
Brittany Hince Siwicki (ED)
Mateo-Arndt Linacres (ED)
Ryan Van Belleghem (ED)
Mackenzie Sinclair (AR)
Larissa Blumenschien (CP)
Brieann Palamide (ID)
Sujana Devabhaktuni (LA)

2015 - 2016
Hugh Taylor (ED)
Jason Wall (ED)
Michaella Amable (ED)
Erns Wall (ED)
Sarah Stasiuk (AR)
Andrew Macaulay (CP)
Caroline Grimes (ID)
Omar De Mesa (LA)

2014 - 2015
Ainsley Johnston (ED)
Ben Greenwood (ED)
Erin Josephson-Laidlaw (ED)
Stefan Klassen (ED)
Apollinaire Au (AR)
Ryan Litovitch (CP)
Carla Pienaar (ID)
Jonathan Watts (LA)

2013 - 2014
Derek Wasylyshen (ED)
Devon Meyer (ED)
Catherine Peters (ED)
Brent Adams (AR)
Gabrielle Donoff (CP)
Stephen Arentsen (ID)
Kari Zahariuk (LA)

2012 - 2013
Aaron Pollock (ED)
Garth Woolison (ED)
Renee Struthers (ED)
Stefan Klassen (ED)
Gordon Yiu (AR)
Ryan Gilmore (CP)
Mengyi Li (LA)
William Gray (ID)

2011 - 2012
Breanna Mulhall (ED)
Aaron Pollock (ED)
Brandon Bergem (ED)
Nicole Lesko (ED)
Amiot Volodymyr (AR)
Robin Beukers (CP)
Jessica Kost (ID)
Tamara Urben-Imbeault (LA)

2010 - 2011
Kailey Kroeker (ED)
Tina Gigliotti (ED)
Clifford Goodwill (ED)
Trent Workman (ED)
Mark Mainville (AR)
Michael Lennon (CP)
Onilee Zaborniak (ID)
Allison Birkett (LA)

2009 - 2010 
Shawn Stankewich (ED)
Logan Littlefield (ED)
Monica Hutton (ED)
Stephanie Hill (ED)
Mari Ono (AR)
Scott McCullough (CP)
Sara Naji Almassi (ID)
Jordan Sutton (LA)