Why Study Agriculture?

Get a Bachelor of Science Degree or an Agriculture Diploma.

1 in 8 jobs in Canada are related to the agriculture and food sector.  Our students have rewarding summer jobs  and permanent careers. Employers hire in the fall for the following May, and students often have several job offers. Check out some of our awesome jobs here.

Social Responsibility: 
Healthy, safe, and nutritious food is the priority for all of us, while maintaining the environment and the Earth’s resources.  We need you!

Funding and Awards:
Over $500,000 in funding and awards are available each year. Explore our scholarships and bursaries.

Our Recent Graduates:
More than 85% of our degree graduates work in cities and communities around the world -   Less than 15% operate a farm.   Most have careers in industry, government, or non-government organizations.  About 50% of our diploma graduates will work directly in farming; most of the others elsewhere in the agriculture and food sector.  Over the past several years, the demand for our graduates has been huge, with almost two jobs available per graduating student.  Jobs are available in both urban and rural locations, in Manitoba and around the world.

We Feed Your Future