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Agronomy Program Planning

All students in the Agronomy Program are required to complete program planning worksheets for their whole program, to make sure that each student has a plan that suits their needs, meets graduation requirements and enables amendments as necessary.  After completing their worksheets, students should submit their plans for approval by the Agronomy Program Advisor, Dr. Don Flaten, at the email address listed below.

Please note that you must submit your program plan to Don Flaten by June 10th, to ensure that your plan will be approved before the registration period begins.

Use the links below to download the newest version of the agronomy program planning worksheets as well as examples that show how the first two worksheets should be completed.

Worksheet #1 - Overall program plan – The 1st worksheet will help you to plan your overall program, to ensure that you eventually complete all the courses that are required for your degree. Fill in your name, student number, the date, plus the grades and credit hours for the courses you have completed. If you are transferring courses from the diploma program, enter a “transfer” and “TR” in the year and grade columns, respectively. Then, identify the years and terms for the courses you plan to take during the remainder of your program. Enter grades and credit hours only for those courses that you have completed … at the end of your program, the total credit hours completed at the bottom of this worksheet will eventually add up to at least 120, which is the minimum required for graduation.

Worksheet #2 - Yearly timetable – The 2nd worksheet is for your yearly timetable, organized by year and term. List only those courses and credit hours that you have left to take, including the lecture and lab slots for the courses ... and check carefully for timetable conflicts. Since the timetable is usually quite similar from one year to the next, students should plan their timetable for all years of their program based on next year’s timetable, then double check later in their program to make sure that all the courses they have selected will still fit into their schedule.  Throughout your program, the number of credit hours planned for on this sheet, plus the credit hours already completed on the program overview worksheet should add up to at least 120 credit hours.

Worksheet #3 – Course Descriptions - The 3rd worksheet is for information only and contains calendar descriptions for some of the main courses in the agronomy program

Changes to the Timetable - The new timetable for next year’s regular academic session has been loaded on Aurora, with only a few minor changes, compared to last year’s timetable.  Some of these timetable changes include:

  • Several of the Biosystems Engineering courses have been changed timetable slots, terms and/or years; the worksheets on this website are updated, but you should double check on Aurora to make sure that your yearly timetable plan is feasible.
  • The timetable slots for two Ag Business courses, ABIZ 1000 and ABIZ 2510, have changed and both are offered in fall and winter term; check Aurora for details.
  • SOIL 4400 Soil Ecology is not being offered in Winter 2019
  • Continuing with last year’s new approach, STAT 1000 Basic Statistical Analysis 1 now has a required lab that must be fit into students’ timetables; also, we are recommending that STAT 1000 be completed in either the first or second year of a student’s program

If you have any questions and/or would like to meet with the Agronomy Program Advisor and/or you would like your program plan approved, please contact:

Dr. Don Flaten, Professor and Agronomy Program Chair/Advisor
Dept. of Soil Science
Room 307 Ellis Building
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB Canada R3T 2N2
Phone: (204) 474-6257