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Program Guide

The Diploma program is a competitive program that requires strong work ethic. Students need to take 52 credit hours of required courses and at least 93 total credit hours. Students are encouraged to follow our recommended program template in order to complete their program in two years. All students start out by taking intro classes in most subject areas. In mid-November students are able to branch out into their selected Program Options.

The following are the classes:

Year 1 – Fall Term


Year 1 – Winter Term

ABIZ 0440 – Ag Econ & Marketing 1   ABIZ 0470 – Financial Management 2
ABIZ 0460 – Financial Management 1   DAGR 0680 – Management Planning 1 – part 2
ANSC 0420 – Animal Biology and Nutrition   PLNT 0410 – Cereal & Oilseed Production
BIOE 0600 – Farm Machinery   SOIL 0420 – Soil Productivity & Land Use
DAGR 0410 – Communications   Option specific and Elective Course
DAGR 0420 – Intro. Soils & Crops   Option specific and Elective Course
DAGR 0680 – Management Planning 1 – part 1   Option specific and Elective Course

Once your first year is completed you would have selected your program option from the following options:

  • Business Management
  • Crop Management
  • Livestock Management
  • General Agriculture

The 2nd year of the Diploma program will contain more option specific classes.

Year 2 – Fall Term


Year 2 – Winter Term

ABIZ 0450 Ag Econ & Marketing 2   DAGR 0690 – Management Planning 2 – part 2
DAGR 0690 – Management Planning 2 – part 1   Option specific and Elective Course
ENT 0620 – Pest Management & Farm Insects   Option specific and Elective Course
Option specific and Elective Course   Option specific and Elective Course
Option specific and Elective Course   Option specific and Elective Course
Option specific and Elective Course   Option specific and Elective Course
Option specific and Elective Course   Option specific and Elective Course

In order to graduate students must complete a minimum of 93 Credit Hours.
Courses range from 2-5 credit hours. For assistance please use our program template or book an appointment with an Academic Advisor.  Please see the following Diploma Course Plans to assist you with your program planning. 

For a complete listing of courses being offered please visit the Aurora Class Schedule.  Select the appropriate term and in the next screnn, "Ctrl + click" and select Ag Diploma Fall/Winter Part A (or Part B depending on which term you selected) and press the "Class Search" button.  See the screenshot below for more info.


Class Search

The course that will not be listed is ENTM 0610 - Beekeeping for the Hobbyist, which is offered in the Winter Term.


New Student Checklist

Below is a to-do list for new students who are starting their classes in the fall.

Things to do ASAP

  • Double check that all addresses and phone numbers are up to date in Aurora
  • Add Emergency Contact Information in Aurora
  • Claim Student Myumanitoba Account – Instructions
  • Arrange for Parking ASAP (if you need it) – Parking Website
  • Check and apply for awards and bursaries – Faculty Awards | U of M Financial Aid

Things to do in June

  • Contact Academic Advisor regarding Course Transfers (If you have other post-secondary courses).

Things to do in August

  • Register for your courses
  • Plan to attend Ag Diploma Orientation in Mid-September


Returning Student Checklist

Things to do ASAP

  • Keep communicating with your instructors - Students who are returning will need to work on their Management Planning Project over the summer. You will receive an email from your instructors with specific instructions with deadlines to when you need to have your farm data submitted. You need to submit this data to your instructors before you will be allowed to Register for DAGR 0690.

Things to do in June/July

  • Identify which courses you need in order to graduate
  • If necessary, book an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

Things to do in August

  • Register for your courses


DAGR 0630 - Special Project

Agriculture Diploma Special Project (DAGR 0630) is a 3 credit hour course which allows a student to make practical application of scientific knowledge acquired and/or to intensify the study of a topic of particular interest. A satisfactory report is required to qualify for credit. Students who intend to register for this course must obtain approval from the Director.

In summer of 2018 DAGR 0630 - Special Project "Soybean Field Agronomy" was offered. This will be offered again in summer of 2019. For more information, contact Kristen MacMillan -

In most cases, students will be active participants in developing the course and project requirements so that it can meet their individual learning objectives. Students will be responsible for preparing and submitting a course learning contract proposal that will be considered by the Director before approval is granted to register for this course.  

Some other projects previously completed by Agriculture Diploma students include Sheep Production, Strawberry Production and Small Farms & Direct Marketing.

Students are encouraged to discover other learning opportunities and communicate with the Academic Advisor to create a customized Special Project. Please see the Learning Contract Template for more information. Students are encouraged to use the following templates as guides for custom projects.

Book an Appointment with an Academic Advisor

Appointments can be made by calling 204-474-8269 or by emailing Appointments can be in person, over the phone, email, or over skype. For more information about your Academic Advisor please see their staff page HERE.

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Diploma Course Plan -
Business Management

Diploma Course Plan -
General Agriculture

Diploma Course Plan -
Crop Management

Diploma Course Plan -
Livestock Management

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