Diploma Curriculum Review

The School of Agriculture is currently in the process of conducting a review of the Agriculture Diploma Program. This review will help to identify program modifications necessary to ensure future graduates have the skills to serve and enhance the agri-food industry in Manitoba.

Industry and alumni have been included in the review process. An Advisory Committee composed of faculty, farmers, industry members and alumni has been established to provide feedback and guidance. To date, three focus group sessions involving industry stakeholders have taken place to provide feedback about the existing program and create a vision for future program objectives and student learning outcomes. Seventeen Broad Learning Outcomes (BLO) were developed and validated by the members of the focus groups.
The results of a survey of recent alumni and current students confirmed that the existing program is meeting these outcomes and that the current program will not require major modifications.

This summer interviews were conducted with academic staff teaching within the diploma program to create an inventory of the information and skills currently taught. The results of the interviews are now being  assessed to see how they meet the gaps, overlaps and redundancies.

This will also guide the creation of more detailed student learning outcomes and highlight any changes required in the development of the new curriculum. The curriculum review and development process is scheduled to be completed in 2017. The goal is to have the new program in place for fall of 2018, and have the first class graduate from this program in spring of 2020.

Diploma Curriculum Advisory Committee