Research Facilities and Equipment
NCLE has access to extensive facilities, equipment and land base to support fundamental and applied research that addresses environmental, economic, and social issues related to livestock production.

Manure & Agricultural By-Products Storage, Handling, & Processing Facility

This facility is designed to enable on-farm processing and utilization of liquid and solid agricultural by-products from livestock production, such as manure and mortalities, as well as from fibre and biofuel processing - adding value to materials that are otherwise viewed as "waste."
 manure facility

Swine Research Facility

The NCLE swine research facility is comprised of two 130-sow farrow-to-finish production units, representing both conventional and alternative production systems, and an off-site AIAO (all-in-all-out) research unit.
swine facilities

Cattle / Forage Research Facility

NCLE maintains small scale feedlot pens for cattle research, as well as animal handling facilities equipped with electronic individual feed intake monitoring stations.  A pasture overwintering site is also available for comparative studies of intensive vs. extensive production methods.

cattle research

Ruminant Research Facility

Components of this University of Manitoba facility include the Dairy Research Unit with housing for dry and lactating cows, heifers and calves, and the Cattle Metabolism Unit for metabolism studies requiring detailed monitoring of individual animals, such as digestibility trials.

 dairy facility

Poultry Research Facility

The University of Manitoba Poultry Research Facility consists of a layer research unit and a broiler/turkey research unit. The layer unit houses both conventional and enriched cages as well as individual cages for detailed studies. 

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 poultry facility

Feed Processing Research Facility

Capacity for custom on-site blending of feedstuffs - precision feed formulation and mixing, small batch preparation for research diets, mash or pelleted commercial rations. Equipment includes mixing capacity based on 1 tonne vertical mixer, hammer and roller mills with space for pilot scale feed processing technologies to investigate pilot scale feed processing technologies.


Long Term Manure and Crop Management Field Laboratory

The long term trial at this site, established in 2007 and anticipated to span up to 15 years, is a Field Laboratory where researchers can investigate various parameters within the existing study design. Researchers can also access soil, manure and plant samples from this trial stored in our archive facility.

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long term plots


Trace Gas Manitoba (TGAS MAN) Greenhouse Gas Field Emission Site

Electronic environmental monitoring equipment TGAS MAN represents the only site in Western Canada supporting the technology for continuous year-round measurement of nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide emissions from agricultural fields. This site also contains intensive weather monitoring equipment for year-round data on air temperature, soil temperature to 100cm, soil moisture, precipitation, humidity, solar flux and wind speed.               

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NCLE laboratory studies and analyses for microorganisms, greenhouse gases, nutrients, manure processing and odour measurement take place at various University of Manitoba specialty labs such as the Gut Microbiome and Large Animal Biosecurity Laboratory, Soil Ecology Laboratory, Soil Fertility Laboratory, Olfactometry Laboratory, Biological Waste Treatment Laboratory.

Long Term Sample and Data Archive

This archive houses long term storage of feed, manure, soil, water and crop samples, weather and management data, other research data for use on a per-project basis.

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