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NCLE is committed to encouraging knowledge sharing among researchers, students, government, industry and other interest groups as well as with the general public. There are a number of venues and forums through which this can be accomplished.

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  • Events:

    Sustainability in PRACTICE – Learning from Producer Experience

    Video recording now available

Three prominent Manitoba farmers and past UofM Aggies were asked to address:

  • What does sustainability mean to you and why is it important?
  • applying sustainable production practices on their farms and in their off-farm pursuits?
  • Hindsight 20:20.Based on what you know now, what key skills/knolwedge/experiences do you think students need to be able to effectively address sustainability in their careers?

Adam Gurr is a no-till grain farmer and on-farm researcher. He also operates Agritruth Research Inc., an independent agronomic research company. Follow @GurrAdam and @Agritruth

Kristine Tapley raises beef cattle and is the regional beef production specialist with Ducks Unlimited Canada. Kristine has stated “conservation matters as much as cattle”.

Ryan Boyd is a self-described “family farmer growing grain, grass and soil” practicing crop-livestock integration. Follow @Glantonboyd

  • News:

    • Seminar: So What and Who Cares? How agriculture can get urban media's attention
      Video recording now available

      Owen Roberts, Director, Research Communications, University of Guelph
      President of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists
      Ed Cassavoy, Director of Reader Engagement and Content Commercialization, The Toronto Star

    • Seminar: The Science of Science Communication
      Video recording now available

      Dr. Jennifer Gardy, BC Centre for Disease Control, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
      Canada Research Chair in Public Health Genomics

    • Seminar: McDonald’s Perspective on Sustainable Food Systems
      Video recording now available

      Jeffrey Fitzpatrick-Stilwell

      Senior Manager, Sustainability
      McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited

    • Seminar: Food production for enough healthy consumption
      Video recording now available

      Dr. Ralph C. Martin
      Professor and Loblaw Chair in Sustainable Food Production
      Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph

    • Seminar: Contemplating the Role for Animal Agriculture in Environmentally Sustainable Food Production
      View online here (Free RealPlayer download

      Join Dr. Henry Janzen, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada-Lethbridge, as he encourages us to seriously contemplate the long term sustainability of this practice.
      View online here (Free RealPlayer download 

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    Funding announcement for integrated manure and soil research: Research supports on-farm adoption of clean technologies

    April 24 2017 - Member of Parliament Terry Duguid (Winnipeg South) announced an investment of $1.9 million for a project with the University of Manitoba to study strategies for reducing greenhouse gases on Canadian cattle farms. View the full article

    Funding provided by AAFC Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program. Additional Funding Sources (Cash and In-Kind): Feedlot Health Services, Manitoba Pork, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, Manitoba Beef Producers

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    Instant Update

    Role of climate change in shaping Prairie agriculture 2050

    Over 20 experts present their vision of how a changing climate might shape future Prairie agricultural systems in a Green Paper prepared for the Alberta Institute of Agrologists. Crop selection, pollinating insects, weeds, pathogens, transport, insurance, trade agreements, beef cattle, the food on our plate are some of the topics explored. Read more


    Contact Christine Rawluk to learn more.