Glenlea Farm Safety Project


Preventing injuries in agricultural work settings is challenging because of the unique nature of the agricultural work environment.  Often farms are homes as well as worksites, so children and elderly folks are also victims of agricultural injuries.  Finding ways to increase safety awareness and safety practices on farms is important to improve the safety culture in agriculture. 
This project, being led by the School of Agriculture,  has two main outcomes. First and foremost is to develop and implement safe work procedures for Glenlea Research Station in its entirety, TK Cheung Centre for Animal Research, Poultry Research Barns, and all related research activities that occur in those locations. Beyond helping to keep our people safe at work, the work procedures and the general approach to safety taken will have to be reasonable and realistic, align with general university safety policies, and fit together to be on University Farm Safety plan.



The second outcome for this project is to extend information gathered, tools developed, and lessons learned from this work to the agriculture community in Manitoba.  Agriculture in general is not as advanced as other industries when it comes to workplace health and safety.  As a way to broaden the reach of this project, all information gathered, tools developed, and lessons learned will be extended to the general agriculture industry.  A concentrated effort is being made to network with industry groups, identify partners and groups working to similar/related ends so that information can be shared effectively and efficiently.



The Farm Safety Program is supported by a grant from the Research and Innovation Program of Worker's Compensation Board of Manitoba

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