Birthday Parties

The Farm and Food Discovery Centre (FFDC) is a perfect venue for children’s birthday parties. Taking bookings for Saturdays only, the Discovery Centre offers fun, hands-on, age-appropriate activities that allow parents to enjoy the day as much as the guests!

The program is best suited for children ages 6-12.

The cost is $11.00 + GST per child, minimum of 5. Parents of the birthday child are admitted free of charge.

The birthday party packages include:

  • Admission to the Discovery Centre
  • Guided tour through the Discovery Centre plus your choice of 2 additional birthday party activities (see below) - about 1.5 - 2 hours long
  • Access to our Discovery room to serve cake


Additonal Activity Choices:

Potato Power! - Experiment with the science of spuds by using regular potatoes to conduct electricity! Kids work together using only potatoes, pennies, nails and wire to test the voltage output of the spuds.

Dairy Barn Tour - Hop on the wagon* and head over to to our Dairy Barn. Take in the sounds, sights, and smells of a fully operational dairy barn! *Tractor/wagon ride is weather permitting

Make Ice Cream - Discover the science behind turning regular ingredients into the delicious and creamy treat! Learn how ice cream is made with a hands on activity that has kids pushing an ice cream ball around to churn the cream. Afterwards enjoy the fruits of your labour by tasting the fresh ice cream!

The Amazing Bee Race - Learn about how bees pollinate flowers and create honey. Then work as a team to race through the steps.


To book a birthday party please inquire at (204) 883-2524 or


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