Curriculum-based Programming

At the Farm and Food Discovery Centre, our curriculum-based programs provide visitors with a positive environment in which they can discover and experience food and agriculture. Visitors have an opportunity to learn about where their food comes from, farm production practices and the environment. PLUS each one of our programs includes time to cook or bake with local ingredients to drive home the connection of farm to plate.

All programs include a guided tour of the Discovery Centre and use of the Discovery room or green space outside for a lunch period. Programs run from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Tuesday-Friday, year-round.
Note: Groups with more than 60 participants are required to select From the Farm to Your Fork

Program Prices:

General program price:                      $8.50 + GST (5%) per person
Programs with dairy & farm tours:    $9.50 + GST (5%) per person
Pizza Farm program:                         $15.00 + GST (5%) per person

For school age children: 1 adult/supervisor for every 6 children is admitted free of charge

** Half day prices available upon request


Senior Years Programming

Pizza Farm
Investigate the role farming plays in one of your favourite foods – PIZZA! Take a guided tour of the Dairy Barn to discover the journey of milk into cheese. Tour through the Discovery Centre and follow the journey of grains into dough, meat into pepperoni & ham, and veggies into toppings. Work together to mix and knead dough by hand, top your pizza with a variety of local ingredients, make a delicious homemade canola oil dressing to go with a side salad and finally devour your creations for lunch. Discuss the science and nutrition behind dough fermentation, gluten formation and the importance of eating greens with a salad dressing. Lunch will include water or milk to drink.
Note: This program can be booked for a maximum of 40 participants

From the Farm to Your Fork
If you ate today, you can thank a farmer! Discover the role agriculture plays in the creation of the foods you eat every day. Visit the dairy barn to build an understanding on how milk is produced. Follow a wheat kernel from planting to milling to your plate. Learn about how farmers care for chickens and how a hen forms an egg in her body. During a tour of the Discovery Centre, gaze through windows into our hog barn and learn about pork production. Solidify the connection of Farm to Fork by creating a snack made with locally grown and produced ingredients!
Note: Designed to match Grade 10 Geography’s Food From the Land unit

The Great Grain Exchange
Explore the steps different grains and crops undergo from seeding, growing and harvest to milling and processing. Get your hands messy by working together to turn grain flour into homemade bread. Each group will mix, knead, and bake dough with different flour combinations and ultimately get to see, smell and taste the difference between white, whole wheat and whole grain bread. You will also participate in conversations about the science of dough fermentation, gluten formation, and nutrition facts on grains.

Superfoods - Pulses to the Rescue!
Pulses are able to grow with less water and fertilizer, plus they're full of protein, fibre, and essential vitamins and minerals. No wonder the Food and Agriculture Organization declared last year the International Year of Pulses! Get to know these delicious super foods and why pulses are good for people and good for the planet. Dissect pulse seeds, learn about the amazing health benefits of pulses and then work together in our kitchen to make a delicious (and healthy) pulse based snack!

This is Our Planet!: Understanding Global Warming

Global warming, greenhouse gases, emissions, carbon footprint….what do these words actually mean? Learn about the different greenhouse gases and how plants, soil, animals and humans each play distinct roles in the cycling of nutrients in the ecosystem. Take a dairy barn and farm tour to understand the connection between farming and green house gases. Discover what scientists, farmers and young adults like you are doing to make the future of our planet healthy and safe for us and generations to come. Finish up the day by making (and drinking!) FFDC’s signature Manure Milkshake! 


Middle Years Programming

Water System Wonders
Study the signs of a healthy water system and the human impacts on watersheds, Learn how you can be a part of the sustainability of the water ecosystems in your neighbourhood. Get outside and sample water from different sources on the farm, create your own filtration system and perform water tests for phosphates, nitrates and pH. What do the results tell you about the health of the natural ecosystem?
Note: Program only offered from May-October

Pizza Farm
See description above.

The Great Grain Exchange
See description above.

From the Farm to Your Fork

See description above.

This is Our Planet!: Understanding Global Warming

See description above.


Early Years Programming

Life in a Handful of Soil
Unearth the intricate ecosystem of insects and microbes that live in the soil. Take a farm tour around the Glenlea Research Station to see The National Centre for Livestock and the Environment’s Compost and Manure sheds and use your creativity to draw your own soil microorganism.  Finish up the day by making (and drinking!) FFDC’s signature Manure Milkshake!

Extraordinary Eggs
Explore the science behind delicious and nutritious eggs!  Learn about how a laying hen forms an egg in her body, and conduct “eggs-periments” to match an egg to a hen. Discuss the different ways Manitoba Egg Farmers house and care for their hens and the different steps eggs take at the processing plant before arriving at your grocery store shelf. Wrap up the day by cracking open some eggs to make a snack.

The Science of Spuds

Follow the journey of the humble potato from its origins in South America to its influence on Canadian farming. Students will conduct experiments to determine how potatoes can best supply energy to power up electronic devices using wiring skills and ingenuity, match the growing location of various potatoes to the soils found around Manitoba, and understand what potatoes require as a crop in order to grow successfully.

Discovering Dairy
Discover the complex journey milk and other dairy products take from the farm to processing plant and ultimately to you! Take in the sights, smells and sounds of a fully functional dairy operation with a guided dairy barn tour. Spend some time learning about the health benefits of dairy products. To round up the day, work together to make homemade creamy ice cream as a treat!

Insect Investigation
Examine the secret lives of insects in Manitoba by collecting and examining bugs around the farm. Relate their mouthparts and mobility to the problems and solutions insects can cause for agriculture. Learn about the most beneficial insects and how to invite them into your yard. Draw your own ideal insect for agriculture. Finish up the day by making (and drinking!) FFDC’s signature Manure Milkshake.
Note- Program offered only from June-September

From the Farm to Your Fork
See description above.


Although the above list is suggested for each age group, most programs are adjustable to any age upon request.

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