Graduate Student Association

The University of Manitoba Graduate Student's Association (UMGSA) is the student-run association for graduate students at the University of Manitoba, and functions on all three of its affiliate campuses: Fort Garry, Bannatyne, and St. Boniface. With over 3,700 members completing graduate work in over 90 different disciplines, the UMGSA is the official voice of graduate students. We are guided by our vision, mission, goals and governing documents, which all focus on supporting graduate student advocacy, providing services and assistance to students, as well as encouraging a graduate student community involvement.

Our diligent work and diversity is reflected in the many graduate students who sit as department representatives on the Association's Councils (Fort Garry and Bannatyne). To learn what services are available to you (e.g., department grants, travel grants, social events, printing services, awards), to find out how to become engaged as a councillor or for more information, please visit or contact us at!