Our People

The following is a list of Department of Soil Science faculty and staff.

Adjunct Faculty
Administrative Staff
Post-Doctoral Fellows
Research Associates

Name Contact Information Specialty
Dr. Wolé Akinremi ☎ 204-474-6055
382 Ellis Building
Soil Physics and Chemodynamics
Dr. Brian Amiro
Chair and Program Advisor - Agroecology Program
NOT accepting graduate students.
☎ 204-228-3374
313 Ellis Building

Dr. Paul Bullock

NOT accepting graduate students

☎ 204-474-8666
320 Ellis Building

Dr. Annemieke Farenhorst NSERC Chair for Women In Science
Associate Dean Research

☎ 204-474-6082
256 Agriculture Building
Pesticide fate in terrestrial and aquatic environments

Dr. Don Flaten
Chair & Advisor Agronomy Program

☎ 204-474-6257
307 Ellis Building
Soil Fertility

Dr. David Lobb

☎ 204-296-4644
276 Ellis Building
Landscape Ecology and Land Resource Management

Dr. Mario Tenuta

☎ 204-474-7827
309 Ellis Building
Soil Ecology
Dr. Francis Zvomuya
Department Head
☎ 204-474-9932
362 Ellis Building
Land Remediation

Dr. Geza Racz
Retired Professor Emeritus.  NOT accepting graduate students.

☎ 204-474-6036
378 Ellis Building
Soil Chemistry and Fertility
Dr. Tee Boon Goh
Retired  NOT accepting graduate students.

Dr. Carl Shaykewich
Senior Scholar.

NOT accepting graduate students.

284 Ellis Building Agrometeorology and Soil Physics
Adjunct Faculty: (back to top)
Dr. P. Badiou Ducks Unlimited  
Dr. K. Buckley Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Brandon Research Centre
Integrated agricultural management, environmental health
Dr. B. Ellert    
Dr. C. Grant Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Brandon Research Centre
Soil fertility
Dr. X. Hao Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Lethbridge, AB
Dr. D. Kumaragamage University of Winnipeg  
Dr. F. Larney Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Lethbridge, AB
Dr. S. Li Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Fredericton, NB
Hydrology / croplands and water management
Dr. D. Malley PDK Projects
Nanaimo, BC
Dr, T, McGonigle    
Dr. H. McNairn Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Ottawa, ON
Dr. P. Owens    
Dr. C. Sheedy Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Lethbridge, AB
Environmental Health
Administrative Staff: (back to top)
Flor Toribio
☎ 204-474-6035
366 Ellis Building
Administrative Assistant 
Lynda Closson
☎ 204-474-8153
362 Ellis Building
Administrative Secretary
Shu Ng ☎ 204-474-8153
362 Ellis Building
Office Assistant
Technicians: (back to top)
Bilous, Mervin 323 Ellis Building Technician Soil Ecology
Buckley, Anthony ☎ 204-
276B Ellis Building
Technician Landscape Ecology
Ellis, Rob ☎ 204-474-8662
303 Ellis Building
Technician, Departmental Safety Officer
Fairman, Terri  326 Ellis Building Technician Soil Ecology
Fraser, Trevor

270 Ellis Building


Gervais, Matt

☎ 204-807-5278
280 Ellis Building

Hanis-Gervais, Krista

280 Ellis Building

Pan, Bo ☎ 204-474-7884
372 Ellis Building
Sparling, Brad ☎ 204-223-6930
323 Ellis Building
Technician Soil Ecology
Post-Doctoral Fellows: (back to top)
Dengate, Jennifer  Agriculture Building Farenhorst
Inoka  Amarakoon

331 Ellis Building

Research Associates: (back to top)
Gao, Xiaopeng 324 Ellis Building Tenuta
Mkhabela, Manasah 326 Ellis  Bullock