Our People

The following is a list of Department of Soil Science faculty and staff.

Adjunct Faculty
Administrative Staff
Post-Doctoral Fellows
Research Associates

Name Contact Information Specialty
Dr. Wolé Akinremi ☎ 204-474-6055
382 Ellis Building
Soil Physics and Chemodynamics
Dr. Brian Amiro ☎ 204-228-3374
313 Ellis Building
Dr. Paul Bullock ☎ 204-474-8666
320 Ellis Building

Dr. Annemieke Farenhorst NSERC Chair for Women In Science

☎ 204-474-6858
380 Ellis Building
Pesticide fate in terrestrial and aquatic environments

Dr. Don Flaten
Chair & Advisor Agronomy Program

☎ 204-474-6257
307 Ellis Building
Soil Fertility
Dr. Tee Boon Goh
☎ 204-474-6046
311 Ellis Building
Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy

Dr. David Lobb

☎ 204-296-4644
276 Ellis Building
Landscape Ecology and Land Resource Management

Dr. Mario Tenuta

Program Advisor - Agroecology Program

☎ 204-474-7827
309 Ellis Building
Soil Ecology
Dr. Francis Zvomuya
☎ 204-474-9932
362 Ellis Building
Land Remediation

Dr. Geza Racz
Professor Emeritus.  NOT accepting graduate students.

☎ 204-474-6036
378 Ellis Building
Soil Chemistry and Fertility

Dr. Carl Shaykewich
Senior Scholar.

NOT accepting graduate students.

284 Ellis Building Agrometeorology and Soil Physics
Adjunct Faculty: (back to top)
Dr. P. Badiou Ducks Unlimited  
Dr. K. Buckley Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Brandon Research Centre
Integrated agricultural management, environmental health
Dr. B. Ellert    
Dr. C. Grant Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Brandon Research Centre
Soil fertility
Dr. X. Hao Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Lethbridge, AB
Dr. D. Kumaragamage University of Winnipeg  
Dr. F. Larney Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Lethbridge, AB
Dr. S. Li Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Fredericton, NB
Hydrology / croplands and water management
Dr. D. Malley PDK Projects
Nanaimo, BC
Dr, T, McGonigle    
Dr. H. McNairn Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Ottawa, ON
Dr. P. Owens    
Dr. C. Sheedy Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Lethbridge, AB
Environmental Health
Administrative Staff: (back to top)
Toribio, Flor ☎ 204-474-6035
366 Ellis Building
Administrative Assistant 
Lynda Closson
☎ 204-474-8153
362 Ellis Building
Administrative Secretary
Shu Ng ☎ 204-474-8153
362 Ellis Building
Office Assistant
Technicians: (back to top)
Bilous, Mervin 323 Ellis Building Technician Soil Ecology
Buckley, Anthony ☎ 204-474-8342
280 Ellis Buildin
Technician Soil Fertility
Ellis, Rob ☎ 204-474-8662
303 Ellis Building
Technician, Departmental Safety Officer
Fairman, Terri  326 Ellis Building Technician Soil Ecology
Fraser, Trevor

270 Ellis Building


Gervais, Matt

☎ 204-807-5278
280 Ellis Building

Hanis-Gervais, Krista 336 Ellis Building Technician
Pan, Bo ☎ 204-474-7884
372 Ellis Building
Soucie, Justin ☎ 204-232-1939
317 Ellis Building
Sparling, Brad ☎ 204-223-6930
323 Ellis Building
Technician Soil Ecology
Westphal, Megan 338 Ellis Building Technician Soil Ecology
Unger, Amy
330 Ellis Building
Post-Doctoral Fellows: (back to top)
Amarakoon, Inoka 331 Ellis Building Zvomuya
Dengate, Jennifer 388 Ellis Building Farenhorst
Munira, Sirajum (Rumi) 282 Ellis Building Farenhorst
Research Associates: (back to top)
Badreldin, Nasem

326 Ellis Building

Gao, Xiaopeng 324 Ellis Building Tenuta
McQueen, Ross ☎ 204-474-7181
384 Ellis Building
Mkhabela, Masasah 326 Ellis  Bullock