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Promoting the Health of Individuals, Families and Communities

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Programs offered in Human Nutritional Sciences focus on the role of nutrition in health and disease prevention, the application of nutrition to diverse human needs and lifestyles, and the importance of nutrition and food policies for community health. There is also an emphasis on the development of communication skills and professionalism.

Graduates have a wide choice of career directions. They may become health practitioners, managers, educators, or researchers, and may work in clinical, community or business settings. The Department offers a four year undergraduate degree program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutritional Sciences. Students graduating with this degree, who have selected specialization in the dietetics option, can qualify for a dietetic internship. Students can also complete pre-professional preparation for programs such as medicine, dentistry or law.

The degree also prepares students for graduate studies in areas related to either nutrition or foods. Graduate programs leading to masters or doctoral degrees are available to qualified students.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Human Nutritional Sciences is to excel in promoting human health and quality of life through generation of advanced knowledge and training of tomorrow’s leaders in nutrition. The sciences of Human Nutrition integrate concepts in metabolism, food and community nutrition, with subject areas ranging from the roles of food and nutrients at the cellular and molecular levels to interactions with behaviours of the human population ultimately leading to disease prevention and management.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Department of Human Nutritional Sciences is to make outstanding contributions to the health and well-being of individuals and populations through its innovation and leadership in research and advanced education in the areas of nutrition, food and health.