Dr. Claudia Narvaez

Office: 238 Ellis Building
Phone: 204-474-6658
Email: Claudia.NarvaezBravo@umanitoba.ca

Dr. Narvaez is an Assistant Professor of Food Microbiology. Her research focuses on the development of suitable pre-harvest and post-harvest interventions to reduce the presence of pathogenic organisms in the food continuum. Her current research is aimed at understanding E. coli O157:H7 associations with cattle colonic commensal bacteria. She is also working towards the development of strategies aimed to reduce the top seven VTEC and Salmonella on fresh produce. Her interests are primarily in meats and fresh produce quality and safety.

** Dr. Narvaez is currently looking to accept a new Ph.D. student with a background in Microbiology or Food Science.  The successful applicant will require a GPA of at least 3.70.  Please contact Dr. Narvaez directly for further details.

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