Adjunct Professors
Name Employer Research Interests
Dr. Felix Aladedunye
Lucerne Food Processing Lethbridge, AB Isolation, characterization, evaluation and development of biologically active natural antioxidants for functional food applications, especially in relation to inhibiting thermo-oxidative deterioration of edible oils during processing.
Dr. Nancy Ames
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals Cereal chemistry; production of plant cultivars with improved end product quality.
Dr. Meghan Azad
Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba The developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD), focusing on the role of maternal and infant nutrition. Serving on Samar Ahmad's Ph.D. Thesis Advisory Committee.
Dr. Lorne Bellan
Misericordia Health Centre Wait times for cataract surgery and health human resources projections for ophthalmology. Serving on Chelsea Walchuk’s M.Sc. Thesis Advisory Committee.
Dr. Heather Blewett
Canadian Centre for Agri-food Research in Health and Medicine Nutritional immunology.
Dr. Ian Patrick Clara
Community Health Sciences Personality, psychiatric epidemiology, and research methods and modeling. Serving on Kristin Fleet’s M.Sc. Thesis Advisory Committee.
Dr. Paul Fieldhouse
204-786-7350 or
Manitoba Health Community nutrition and food policy; food and culture. Serving on Adriana Mudryj’s Ph.D. Advisory Committee.
Dr. Bin Xiao Fu
(204) 984-5605
Canadian Grain Commission, Grain Research Laboratory Bread and Durum Wheat Research
Dr. David Hatcher
(204) 290-7538
Canadian Grain Commission, Grain Research Laboratory     Analytical Services and Asian End Products Crops Section
Dr. Marta Izydorczyk
(204) 983-1300
Canadian Grain Commission, Grain Research Laboratory Research on Barley and Other Grains/Milling and Malting Crops Section
Dr. Sijo Joseph


Research Scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Cereal Nutrition; investigating the nutritional and functional attributes of cereal grains. Serving on the M.Sc. Thesis Advisory Committees of Anjalika Abraham, Shuo Yang and Chunlei Zhang.


Dr. Dylan MacKay
Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals Nutritional biochemist; inter-individual variability; gene-nutrient interactions; stable isotopic tracers; non-cholesterol sterols. Serving as co-advisor on Jess Goldberg’s M.Sc. Thesis Advisory Committee.

Dr. Tim McAllister
(403) 317-2240

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada     Ruminant Nutrition and Microbiology
Dr. Rebecca Mollard
Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals Acute and long-term effects of foods and food components on glycemic, satiety and metabolic control. Serving on Adam Franczyk's Ph.D. Thesis Advisory Committee and Trevor Kouritzin's M.Sc. Thesis Advisory Committee.
Dr. Natalie Riediger
Department of Community Health Sciences    Indigenous health, diabetes epidemiology, cardiovascular epidemiology, nutritional epidemiology, community nutrition, community-based participatory research. Serving on Monica Cyr's M.Sc. Thesis Advisory Committee
Dr. Curtis Rempel     
(204) 982-2105  
Canola Council of Canada Crop Production and Innovation
Dr. Garry Shen
Department of Internal Medicine Atherosclerosis and lipoprotein metabolism, diabetic vascular complications, endothelial cell biology, mitochondrial biology, oxidative stress and antioxidants, Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes, thrombosis and anti-thrombotic peptides, nutritional intervention for preventing diabetic complications, community-based life-style intervention on obesity and diabetes.
Dr. Chibuike Udenigwe
Department of Environmental Sciences & Faculty of Agriculture Fundamental research on bioactive food biopolymers and their roles in human health promotion. Serving on Ifeyani Nwachukwu’s Ph.D. Thesis Advisory Committee.
Dr. Alphonsus Utioh
Food Product Development Centre, Portage la Prairie, MB Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals; Extraction and Fractionation Technologies; Food Product Development.
Dr. Nancy Yu
Manitoba Health & University of Manitoba Applied public health Epidemiology; chronic disease epidemiology; population heath survey, nutrition and obesity. Serving on Adriana Mudryj’s Ph.D. Committee.