HNS Option - Pre-Med
Credits      Course
Year 1
HNSC 1200 3 Food: Facts & Fallacies
HNSC 1210 3 Nutrition for Health & Changing Lifestyles
CHEM 1300 3 Structure & Modeling in Chemistry
CHEM 1310    3 Introduction to Physical Chemistry
BIOL 1020 6 Biology 1 and
BIOL 1030   Biology 2

PSYC 1200 OR
SOC 1200


Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology

Free Electives 6
(See notes below)
Year 2    
HNSC 2130 3 Nutrition through the Lifecycle
HNSC 2140  3 Basic Principles of Human Nutrition
HNSC 2150 3 Composition, Functional & Nutritional Properties of Food
HNSC 2160 3 Food Preparation & Preservation
CHEM 2360/MBIO 2360 3 Biochemistry 1: Bio-molecules
CHEM 2370/MBIO 2370 3 Biochemistry 2: Catabolism, Synthesis
BIOL 1412 3 Elective: Physiology of the Human Body
HEAL 2600 3 Integration of Health Determinants of Individuals
STAT 1000 3 Basic Statistical Analysis I
CHEM 2210 3 Elective Introduction to Organic Chemistry 1: Structure and Function
Year 3    
HNSC 3310 3 Macronutrients & Human Health
HNSC 3300 3 Vitamins & Minerals in Human Health
HNSC 3320 3 Nutrition Education & Dietary Change
HNSC 3330 3 Ingredient Technology for Designed Foods
HMEC 2000 3 Research Methods and Presentation
HMEC 3000 3 Introduction to Social Epidemiology
STAT 2000 3 Basic Statistical Analysis II
Free Electives 9 (See notes below)
Year 4    
HNSC 4290  3 Food, Nutrition, & Health Policies
HNSC 4320  3 Nutritional Management of Disease States
HNSC 4160  3 Seminar in Foods & Nutrition
FOOD 4150  3 Food Microbiology
HNSC  3 HNSC Elective
HNSC  3 HNSC Elective
HNSC  3 HNSC Elective
HNSC  3 HNSC Elective
HNSC  3 HNSC Elective
Free Elective  3 Course Title:

*You must have the prerequisites for any course you take. We will not override prerequisites in order to allow you to progress more quickly.

• Check and consult the Undergraduate Calendar for former course numbers, other equivalents and for prerequisites.
• Changes have been made to the list of required courses as given in the Undergraduate Calendar to accommodate the requirements of the University of Manitoba’s pre-med professional preparation: CHEM 1310 replaces CHEM 1320 ; CHEM 2360 and CHEM 2370 replace CHEM 2770 and CHEM 2780.  Applicants must have a minimum of 6 credit hours in Biochemistry with a minimum grade of “C” in each course. At the University of Manitoba this requirement can be fulfilled by taking CHEM/MBIO 2360 and CHEM/MBIO 2370.

Biological Sciences BIOL1020, BIOL 1030
Chemistry CHEM 1300, CHEM 1310, CHEM 2210* *(pre-requisite for CHEM/MBIO 2370)
• HNS (department) electives are the student’s choice. To graduate, the student MUST include 15 credits of department electives (listed below).

• Courses designated as electives will fulfill the 24 credit hours of electives listed as degree requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar. The courses listed as electives meet the requirements of the University of Manitoba’s pre-med professional preparation.

The following courses are recommended for MCAT preparation. These courses can be used to fulfill the 24 credit hours of free electives:

Department   Courses
Physics    PHYS 1020 and PHYS 1030 OR PHYS 1050 and PHYS 1070
Chemistry   CHEM 2220
English    Any Written English Course
Microbiology   MBIO 1010, MBIO 2020
Biological Sciences  BIOL 1410, BIOL 2500, BIOL 2410, and BIOL 2420
The Faculty of Medicine will no longer require applicants to have specific English or French literature courses as a pre-requisite to Medicine. We have, as a result, increased the Humanities/Social Science Requirement. As a result of change in the entrance requirement applicants must now have completed at least 18 credit hours in the humanities/social sciences. Applicants who complete a 4 Year Major or Honours program may waive up to 12 credit hours of the humanities/social sciences prerequisite. Applicants with a BSc (General) or BA (General) must complete the full requirement. The Faculty of Arts describes the recognized subject fields for humanity and social science requirements in section 5.1.1 of the Undergraduate Calendar.

This information is to be used only as a guide and is NOT a substitute for the Faculty of Medicine Applicant Information Bulletin. It is the responsibility of all pre-Medicine students to obtain and read the current Applicant Information Bulletin when it is available from It is the student's responsibility to satisfy the requirements for entry to Medicine and for the Bachelor degree of choice.

Department Electives:
Department Electives (15 credit hours required) (pre-requisites in parentheses)
HNSC 3260     Food Quality Evaluation - 3cr hrs
HNSC 3350     Culture and Food Patterns - 3cr hrs
HNSC 3342    HNSC 3342     Management for Food and Nutrition Professionals - 3cr hrs
HNSC 4120     Senior Thesis (Application required.  Enrolment limited) - 3cr hrs
HNSC 4122     Research Project in Human Nutritional Sciences (Application required.  Enrolment limited) - 6cr hrs
HNSC 4140     Food Production & Management - 3cr hrs
HNSC 4270     Sensory Evaluation of Food - 3cr hrs
HNSC 4280     Food Product Development (requires MKT 2210, STAT 2000, and HNSC 3330 or consent of instructor) - 3cr hrs
HNSC 4300     Community Nutrition Interventions - 3cr hrs
HNSC 4310     Nutrition and the Elderly  - 3cr hrs
[offered in alternate years, opposite HNSC 4340 ]
HNSC 4340     Maternal & Child Nutrition  - 3cr hrs
[offered in alternate years, opposite HNSC 4310 ]
HNSC 4350     Nutrition in Exercise & Sport - 3cr hrs
HNSC 4540    Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals - 3cr hrs
HNSC 3870    Food Geographies - 3cr hrs

In the event of discrepancies between this document and the Undergraduate Calendar, the information given in the Undergraduate Calendar will prevail.