Chair of Graduate Studies Committee: Dr. J.C. (Kees) Plaizier

The department of animal science offers graduate instruction leading to MSc and PhD degrees. Courses of study and research may be undertaken in several disciplines related to animal science including basic sciences. These include genetics (animal breeding), nutrition (monogastric and ruminant), physiology (digestive, environmental, reproductive), and basic sciences (immunology, microbiology, molecular biology). Experimental species include cattle (beef and dairy), poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese), sheep, swine, laboratory animals (mice, rats, rabbits), and wildlife animals. Some faculty members also have an interest in human disease processes. Our department has a strong emphasis on sustainable agricultural systems and the use of mathematical models to describe these systems.

Graduate Student Guide

MSc Programs
Admission to these programs normally requires a bachelor of science in agriculture degree with a major in animal science; however, students with other degrees (e.g. BSc honours or general in science) may be accepted. In these latter instances, students - depending on their academic background - may be required to complete a pre-master's program or to register for courses additional to those normally required in the master's program. A minimum grade point average (G.P.A.) of 3.5 in the last two full years of undergraduate study are required.

The master's programs require a minimum of one year of study and research.

There are two types of master's programs.

A. Coursework and Thesis Requirements
  A minimum of 12 credit hours of coursework in addition to ANSC 7140
A minimum of 6 credit hours at 700/7000 level in the major subject.
A minimum of 3 credit hours in an ancillary subject.
Thesis and oral examination.

B. Coursework and Comprehensive Examination Requirements
  A minimum of 30 credit hours in coursework in addition to ANSC 7140.
12-18 credit hours in the major subject at the 700/7000 level.
6-12 credit hours in an ancillary subject(s).
Comprehensive examination.

PhD Program
The requirements for admission to a PhD program are either a MSc. degree in animal science or equivalent or a BSA degree or equivalent. In both instances a minimum grade point average of 3.5 is required. PhD students must take 12 credit hours at the 700/7000 level beyond the MSc (or its equivalent). See the MSc program requirements listed above. These course requirements are in addition to ANSC 7390.

NOTE: A grade of at least C+ is required for each course included in MSc or PhD programs. In addition, a minimum grade point pverage of 3.0 is required for the total number of courses taken in a program.

More Information about Graduate Courses
To obtain more detailed information about graduate courses, please follow these steps:
- Go to the Class Schedule Term link
- Search by semester (e.g. Fall 2008 or Winter 2009).
- Click "Submit."
- Choose a subject area (Animal Science). Ignore the rest of the search variables.
- Click "Get Courses."
- You will be directed to a detailed summary of the course information. Most graduate courses are near the bottom of the search results page and have course numbers in the 7000 series (e.g. ANSC 7550).

Application Deadlines for MSc and PhD Programs
Students may begin their program on either September 1, January 1, or May 1. For admission on each of these start dates, Canadian and American students should complete their online application no less than four (4) months before the intended start date. International students should complete their online application no less than seven (7) months before the intended start date.

International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship (IGSES)provides funding of $4,000 for international students entering the first year of study as full time M.Sc. or Ph.D. students in the Faculty of Graduate Studies with a GPA of greater than 3.5 in the last two years of study. Eligible students who meet the admissions deadline (7 months prior to intended start date) are assessed automatically during the admissions process.

Applicants from outside of Canada whose primary language is not English should consult the faculty of graduate studies regarding requirements for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam. Information about language tests (TOEFL) can be obtained from:

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