Career Opportunities for Animal Science Students

A degree in animal science from the University of Manitoba is designed to ensure students graduate with a strong basis in animal anatomy, nutrition, reproduction, genetics, and management, as well as key skills like oral and written communication.  This makes our graduates highly desirable employees across a number of agricultural sectors in Canada and internationally.

The department has strong ties with other research centres and companies within the livestock industry.  These connections help graduates find gainful employment soon after completion of the program.

Undergraduate degree career prospects
- Undergrad job profiles
Graduate degree career prospects
- Graduate job profiles
Veterinary college

Some areas of interest of our graduates:
Some potential career paths:

- Animals
- Animal behaviour
- Animal welfare
- Animal nutrition
- Animal reproduction
- Biology
- Communications
- Conservation
- Ecology
- Environmental education
- Genetics
- Geology and soils
- Human nutrition
- Livestock business
- Livestock production
- Marketing
- Rural sustainability
- Veterinary studies
- Water quality
- Wildlife

  - Animal nutrition
- Animal pharmaceuticals
- Equipment sales and support
- Extension specialist
- Farm management
- Feedlot management
- Feed sales and support
- Food safety and quality control
- Government organizations
- Land-use planning
- Livestock purchasing
- Meat processing management
- Natural resource management
- Producer organizations
- Producer support
- Product development
- Reproductive management
- Research
- Sales
- Technical consulting
- University professor
- Veterinary medicine
- Wildlife management