Glenlea Ruminant Research Unit

The Ruminant Research Unit located at the Glenlea Research Station support teaching, research and outreach programs in ruminant nutrition, physiology, and metabolism in the areas of dairy and beef production.

The dairy unit includes tie-stall accommodations for 68 lactating cows, a heifer facility with group pens, and 30 individual calf pens. The university dairy herd was established in 1940 and received "Managra" as the herd prefix. The herd genetics program in the past decade has focused on milk and protein production.The dairy research unit is a popular facility for students interested in acquiring hands-on experience with large animals and experience in a dairy production system.

Two open-shed feedlot barns, each with 18 pens, are used for beef research related to environmental and growth physiology and nutrition. The facility can accommodate a diversity of forage handling systems to support forage harvest, storage, and feeding trials.

A metabolism unit, attached to the dairy barn, enables intensive studies of nutrient intake and utiliization of microbial diversity without needing to move the animals off-site.

A NCLE funded facility has a system for monitoring individual animal feed intake.

Animal Care Staff:
Mike Hummel - Unit Supervisor
Barry Peril
Murry Friesen

Telephone: (204) 883-2649