Instructions for Ordering of Animals
  • All animal ordering requires completion of the Animal Order Form. Please note, if additional details are required, the animal user is permitted to edit the Animal Order Form, or utilize their own order form, provided it contains all of the same information as the Animal Order Form. Users must also ensure that the form has sufficient space for the Animal Care Committee approval stamp.

  • Upon completion, this form is to be submitted electronically to Charlene Hawryluk ( in the Department of Animal Science general office.

  • Forms will then be forwarded to the Animal Care Coordinator ( for review of requested numbers and husbandry practices.

  • Upon approval, this form will be stamped and returned to the Department of Animal Science general office for order processing.

  • Copies will be provided to the person who placed the order and relevant animal facility directors/managers.

* Please note, receiving/shipping of animals is not permitted until facility attendants receive a copy of the approved form. This includes the receiving/shipping of animals from/to the Glenlea Research Station and Poultry Barn.