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Meet Our Student Ambassadors


Hailey Rubeniuk Hailey Rubeniuk – Russell – Diploma in Agriculture
Hailey was raised on a grain farm near Angusville, MB and graduated high school at Major Pratt School in Russell, MB in 2018. Throughout high school, she was on Student Council and was involved in many sports, with her main focus being fastball. Hailey enjoys spending her free time outdoors, spending time at the lake, and travelling with her family. Growing up on a grain farm, she always had a passion and interest for agriculture. After graduation, she attended the University of Manitoba starting her first year in agronomy, pursuing her degree. With the opportunity of working alongside her family on the farm in the future, she changed to pursue her diploma instead. She is currently in her second year in the diploma program. Hailey is also a member of the Faculty of Agriculture Student’s Association (FASO). After graduation, Hailey plans on working in the agriculture field, and eventually moving back to the family farm. 


Lina Gordon  Lina Gordon – Neepawa B. Sc. Agribusiness
Lina grew up on a grain farm near Franklin, Manitoba and went to Neepawa Area Collegiate Institute. She has always had a passion for global issues, and in 2015 it led her to be one of 25 chosen participants of a “Me to We” volunteer trip sponsored by PotashCrop. The volunteer trip took her to rural India where she met local farmers and gained perspectives on international food insecurity. This trip inspired her to pursue a career in agriculture and enroll at the U of M upon graduating from high school in 2016. She is in the Agribusiness program, majoring in International Agribusiness and minoring in Asian Studies. Lina has also studied Introductory Mandarin and plans to study Introductory Japanese through a U of M Exchange to Japan in the future. In her spare time, Lina enjoys thrifting, hiking, travelling, and taking the occasional photograph. Lina is a volunteer at the Buller Greenhouse on campus and also volunteers at Siloam Mission from time to time. In the future, Lina sees herself working out-of-province or internationally with a career involved with food security.


Hayley Shirtliff Hayley Shirtliff – Starbuck – B. Sc. Agribusiness
Hayley is from Starbuck, Manitoba where she grew up on her family’s grain farm. Hayley attended high school at Sanford Collegiate and graduated in 2018. She started out her university career by gaining direct entry into the Asper School of Business. However, after her first year she knew that her choice was not right for her and transferred into the Agribusiness program in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, which she had heard great things about from family and friends and was inspired by to check out the faculty. Hayley was also influenced to join the faculty by the community-like atmosphere, the close-knit relationships, and great job opportunities the faculty had to offer. Since joining the faculty, Hayley’s love and appreciation for agriculture has grown greatly and continues to grow every year. Hayley is involved in volunteering in the faculty and on campus as a member of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Students Organization and as the treasurer of the St. John’s College Student Association. As well, Hayley enjoys recreation events on campus and is a member of the faculty’s intramural women’s hockey team, the "Barley Queens". After graduating Hayley plans to stay in the province of Manitoba and pursue a career that will let her take advantage of the vast opportunities agriculture has to offer. 


Corinne Bernard Corinne Bernard – St. Claude – B. Sc. Agriculture (Agronomy)
Corinne is from Haywood, MB and attended school at St. Claude School Complex where she graduated in 2018. Corinne enjoyed playing various sports throughout high school. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time at the lake. She grew up on a grain farm in Haywood, which sparked her interest and passion in agriculture. This led Corinne to the Diploma Program and she is now in her second year. Her interest in this industry continues to grow as the faculty has brought many new opportunities. She plans on returning to the Faculty after graduating to obtain a degree in agronomy and apply it to the farm and exploring other opportunities that the industry has to offer. Corinne is also apart of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Students Organization as the Publicity Representative.


Emily Bouvier Emily Bouvier - Stonewall, Manitoba - B.Sc. Agriculture (Agronomy)
Emily was raised in the town of Stonewall, Manitoba, and graduated from Stonewall Collegiate Institute in 2015. At Stonewall Collegiate, she was involved in many musical productions, and sang in a choir alongside the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Outside of school, Emily enjoys singing in choir, and taking her kayak out on the rivers of Manitoba. She has always been interested in studying plants, and this is what motivated her to apply to the Faculty of Agriculture. Since joining the faculty, her love and appreciation for Agriculture has grown exponentially. Emily chose to pursue a degree in Agronomy and plans to stay in Manitoba after graduating. She is a member of the Faculty of Agriculture Students’ Organization (FASO); she represents the faculty on the University of Manitoba Students’ Union Board of Directors. Emily looks forward to planning and attending many Agriculture events this year, as well as presenting to schools in her area.


Hayley Jenkins Hayley Jenkins - Thompson, Manitoba - B. Sc. Agriculture (Animal Systems)
Hayley grew up in Thompson and graduated from R.D. Parker Collegiate in 2018. Hayley is currently in her second year of Animal Systems and planning to apply to the WCVM in her third year. She was very involved in high school as she was the president of the social justice group H3 (Hands, Hearts, and Hope) where she started a free lunch program, collected over 10,000 pounds of non-perishable food, and ran various Me to We campaigns throughout the school year. She was also a member of S.O.S. (Students Offering Support) where she raised awareness about mental health within her school and community. Outside of school Hayley worked at the Thompson Veterinary Clinic, Humane Society and volunteered with animal protection for the Manitoba government. All these experiences led to her extensive love for animals which guided her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Hayley is also very involved in the Faculty, holding positions as Senate Representative for the Faculty of Agriculture Students Organization, current president of the U of M Pre-Vet Club, and a member of the Stockman’s Club.


Caitlyn Carkner Caitlyn Carkner - B. Sc. Agriculture (Animal Systems)
Caitlyn is from Brandon, MB and graduated in 2018 from Neelin Highschool. Caitlyn originally entered the Faculty with plans of pursuing a career in veterinary studies, but realized later that she is destined for a different path. She could not be happier with the Animal Systems program; everyday, she gets to learn new things about the animals she loves so much. In high school Caitlyn could be found either on the court playing various sports or behind the scenes managing the tournaments. When not busy with sports, Caitlyn loved volunteering at the local Humane Society. Now, Caitlyn is a member of the U of M Stockman’s Club, where she enjoys going on tours of various farming operations and getting lots of hands-on experience with animals. She also enjoys being part of the Faculty of Agriculture Students Organization (FASO) as the student group’s Publicity Co-ordinator. Caitlyn plans to stay in Manitoba once she has completed the Animal Systems program.


Jared Bento Jared Bento Winnipeg, Manitoba B. Sc. Agriculture (Plant Biotechnology)
Jared was born and raised in St. James and graduated from St. Paul’s High School in 2017. It was in St. Paul’s where biology first captured his interest. Jared graduated with honours and was eager to begin his studies in university. Being a veterinarian had been a dream of Jared’s since a young age, and his experience with biology throughout high school only furthered his drive to fulfill his goal. Jared was accepted via direct entry into the Animal Systems program with the goal of becoming a veterinarian. During his first year of studies, he discovered a newfound passion, plant genetics, and continued pursuing his interest of biology by entering Plant Biotechnology. He is currently in his second year of studies and hopes to one day become a part of the growing community of plant geneticists that are working to optimize crop production to feed the ever-increasing world population. Jared has already begun pursuing his career in cultivar development by working with the research company Haplotech Inc., where he has gained experience in small plot research with strains of corn and canola that will soon be grown commercially on fields across the world. Jared has been involved with the co-operative program “Let’s Talk Science” with the University of Manitoba, where he has had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of young students across Manitoba. He hopes to use his experiences in presentations and audio/visual media to show the world all of the amazing programs, opportunities, and careers that the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences has to offer.


Katelyn Waldner Katelyn Waldner – Winnipeg, Manitoba – B.Sc. Agroecology
Katelyn is from Headingley, MB and graduated from Westwood Collegiate in Winnipeg. She is in her third year of agroecology at U of M and is very excited to be an ambassador this year! Katelyn has always loved being outdoors and worked at a summer camp throughout high school. In 2013, her family started a bison farm in Meleb, MB. Her family’s bison farm inspired her to study agriculture at U of M. The agroecology program was a perfect fit with her desire to learn more about ecology, natural systems, and regenerative agriculture. Katelyn hopes to continue studying agricultural systems, help farms transition to more sustainable agriculture, and to do research on how we can improve and work together with natural systems.


Elyssa Chan Elyssa Chan Winnipeg, Manitoba B.Sc. Food Science, M.Sc. Food Science Candidate
Elyssa was born and raised in Winnipeg. She graduated magna cum laude from Fort Richmond Collegiate and was awarded the Guelph Food and Technology Centre Legacy Fund Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship. While at FRC, Elyssa was heavily  involved in the band program and yearbook committee. In her free time, she loves to cook, bake, and eat. Due to her constant hunger for knowledge, Elyssa decided to pursue Food Science. She completed her B.Sc. at U of M and has started her M.Sc. of Food Science under Dr. Koksel’s guidance. Elyssa had the wonderful opportunities of studying abroad in France, participating in service learning in Northern Manitoba and working for local Manitoban producers. After graduation, Elyssa aspires to become a food product developer for industry.


Angelina Ding Yangjia (Angelina) Ding – Hangzhou, China – B. Sc. Food Science
Angelina was born and raised in Hangzhou, China. She is one of the students in Food Science 2+2 program. Before joining the Faculty, she had 2 years of study experience in Huazhong Agriculture University (China). Now she is in her second year at the U of M. After getting the Undergraduate Research Award in 2020, Angelina joined Dr. Peter Erk’s research group with a focus on genetic nutrition. She also spent her first year of studies as a member of student groups the U of M 4-H Club and the Faculty of Agriculture Students Organization (FASO). Now she is the founder and president of her fundraising group, UM Create Change, with the aim to help girls in Ghana with education and career training. Outside of her studies, Angelina has had many international volunteer experiences. She once taught young children English and public speaking in one of the poorest areas in Bijie, China. She also travelled to Bail, Indonesia as an environmental volunteer to spread the environmental protection concept in local community. After getting her bachelor’s degree, Angelina plans to get her master in Public Health in US. In her own mind, Angelina always regards herself as a citizen of the world, she is willing to making effort to benefit more people all over the world.


Ciara Day Ciara Day – Winnipeg, Manitoba - B.Sc. Human Nutritional Sciences
Ciara was born and raised in Winnipeg, graduating from College Jeanne-Sauvé in 2013. In high school, Ciara participated in almost all music groups including band, choir, vocal jazz and a musical. Outside of school Ciara played softball with her community team since kindergarten, and as well took several music lessons. With all the music in her life, you’d think she would have entered in the Faculty of Music, but no! She originally started in the Asper School of Business. After three and a half years, she realized this was not the path for her and switched into a Bachelor of Arts while she searched for the right direction to take. After two years and gaining an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies, she applied to the Faculty of Agricultural and Foods Sciences for the Human Nutritional Sciences second degree program. She has realized it’s never too late to make the right decision for yourself! This faculty made sense for her as she suffered from many dietary restrictions and wanted to learn everything she could about them. Her goal is to become a dietitian after graduation from the University of Manitoba and completing an internship, seeking to work in a community based setting teaching about food and nutrition.


Wela Li Weitian (Wela) Li Shanghai, China B. Sc. Human Nutritional Sciences
Wela was born and raised in Shanghai, China. She will be entering her 4th year of Human Nutritional Science Degree this Fall Term. As someone who has a great passion for food and nutrition education and wants to become a Registered Dietitian in the future, Wela has worked with various organizations such as CanU Canada, Food Matters Manitoba, Immigrant Center and Healthy Start in their nutrition programs. With an additional interest in agriculture, Wela took an Experiential Learning course through the Faculty, which was held at the Glenlea Research Station. She gained so much new knowledge on modern Canadian animal production and a deeper understanding of the food source before it comes to the table. Outside of her academic life, Wela is also a member of Nutrition Education and Community Outreach (NECO) and Faculty of Agriculture Student Organization (FASO). In her free time, she enjoys ice skating, scuba diving, downhill skiing, hiking and watercolour painting. Wela is very excited to discover more opportunities that the agri-food industry has to offer.


Julie Sprague Julie Sprague – Grosse Isle, Manitoba – B.Sc. Human Nutritional Sciences
Julie Sprague is one of the HNSC ambassadors for the Faculty of Agricultural and Food sciences, Julie is in her 3rd year of her Human Nutritional Sciences degree and hopes to become a Human Ecology teacher after she finishes her degree. Julie grew up in the Interlake just outside of Grosse Isle and graduated from Warren Collegiate in 2016. Julie is the Co-president of NECO the Nutrition Education and Community Outreach student group on Campus and as well the Vice stick internal of FASO the Faculty of Agricultural Student Organization and loves to be involved in her faculty. In her free time Julie enjoys cooking, baking and playing sports including football, basketball and rugby.