Adaptive Crop Management


Wednesday, December 12th

8:00   Registration
Foyer outside of Agriculture Auditorium
172 Agriculture Bldg.
8:25   Welcome
Dr. Karin Wittenberg, Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
8:30   Introduction
Mr. John Heard, Crop Nutrition Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture
8:35   Keeping Manitoba's Canola Sustainable in a Risk-Filled World
Ms. Delaney Ross Burtnack, Executive Director
Manitoba Canola Growers Association
9:15   Getting Manitoba Wheat, Barley and Corn Growers Trade Ready
in a World Marketplace

Ms. Pam de Rocquigny, General Manager
Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association &
Manitoba Corn Growers Association
9:55   Coffee BreakAgriculture Atrium
Poster Session138 Agriculture Bldg.
10:35   Adaptive Management Framework for Pulses and Soybean
Dr. Daryl Domitruk, Director of Research & Production
Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers
11:15   Farmer Panel
Ms. Ingrid Kristjanson, Farm Production Extension Specialist - Crops
Manitoba Agriculture
Mr. Günter Jochum, Blue Diamond Farms Ltd., St. Francis Xavier, MB
Mr. Ron Krahn, Providence Farms, Rivers, MB
Mr. Dean Toews, Toews Family Enterprises, MacGregor
, MB
12:00   Lunch
Marshall McLuhan Hall, University Centre, Room 204
1:00   Active and Passive Sensors for In-Season N Management
Dr. Dave Franzen, Professor Soil Science & Extension Soil Specialist
North Dakota State University
1:45   The Ins and Outs of Biological Crop Stimulants
Dr. Carl Rosen, Professor & Extension Soil Scientist
Department Head of Soil, Water & Climate, University of Minnesota
2:30   Coffee Break  – Agriculture Atrium
Poster Session138 Agriculture Bldg.
3:10   Development of an Adaptive Management Approach for Nutrient Management in New York
Dr. Quirine Ketterings, Professor of Nutrient Management in Agricultural Systems
Cornell University

3:55   Bringing Crop Water Budget to the Forefront
Dr. Timi Ojo, Provincial Meteorology Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture
4:25   Agronomist Panel - Planning Ahead for Adaptation
Mr. Brunel Sabourin, Owner, Antara Agronomy Services
Ms. Taralea Simpson, Assistant Manager, Shur-Gro Farm Services Ltd.
4:40   Beer and Pretzel Reception – Agriculture Atrium


Thursday, December 13th

8:30   Introduction
Ms. Tammy Jones, Industry Development Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture
8:35   Precision Agriculture - Tools and Practical Uses
Dr. Raj Khosla, Professor of Precision Agriculture, Colorado State University
9:35   Regulatory Decisions on Pesticides:
A) The Process Leading to the Decision

Ms. Pratisara Bajracharya, Pesticide - Minor Use and Regulatory Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture
B) Adjusting to Product Removal: A Case Study of Flea Beetles in Canola
Dr. John Gavloski, Entomologist, Manitoba Agriculture
10:15   Coffee BreakAgriculture Atrium
Poster Session138 Agriculture Bldg.
10:45   Blackleg of canola in western Canada - What we know/don't know?
Dr. Gary Peng, Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
11:25   Soybean aphid management: New challenges posed by insecticide resistance
Dr. Robert Koch, Associate Professor & Extension Entomologist
University of Minnesota
12:00   Lunch
Marshall McLuhan Hall, University Centre, Room 204
1:00   Maximizing Herbicide Activity and More
Dr. Jeff Stachler, Agriculture and Natural Resources Extenstion Educator
The Ohio State University

1:40   Agronomist Panel
Retail - Ms. Kim Brown-Livingston, Market Development Agronomist, Cargill
Independent - Mr. Jason Voogt, Owner and Operator, Field 2 Field Agronomy Inc.
2:00   Wheat Quality, Protein & Hitting the Right Market
Mr. Jonathon Driedger, Senior Market Analyst, FarmLink Marketing Solutions
2:30   Coffee BreakAgriculture Atrium
Poster Session138 Agriculture Bldg.
3:00   Clubroot & Biosecurity in Manitoba
Dr. Bruce Gossen, Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
3:40   Agronomist Actions
Ms. Wendy McDonald, Crops Input Manager, Parrish & Heimbecker
4:30   Official Closing


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